What You Need To Know As A SEO Newbie

What You Need To Know As A SEO Newbie

I started doing Search Engine Optimization very recently,​ at​ the​ end of​ December 2018,​ at​ first I could not understand anything about it,​ when I started,​ I couldn't tell what was the​ difference between a​ Search Engine and a​ Directory! it​ was hard to​ believe that people has to​ do that much to​ get their website listed in​ Search Engines. I think all normal internet users don't realise this,​ what's important for them is​ that they get what they want from their searches.

Well I am still new in​ this field but I've already learned a​ lot and want to​ share some ideas and my point of​ view about the​ matter. to​ optimize your website you​ should follow these simple steps:

1. Search Engine and Directory Submission
2. Article Submission
3. Link Exchange

The motive of​ Search Engine Optimization is​ to​ get the​ maximum of​ links pointing to​ your website,​ that is​ more links pointing to​ you​ means better ranking in​ Search Engines. Traffic plays a​ big role in​ your ranking,​ there are many ways you​ can bring traffic to​ your website,​ posting your website to​ the​ maximum directories and Search Engines that you​ can. And be sure to​ post in​ the​ good category,​ if​ your website is​ not suggested in​ the​ good category,​ it​ has many chances of​ not getting listed. Article submission is​ also a​ very good way of​ getting traffic.

For those who are not familiar with these terms:
A Search Engine is​ a​ searchable online database of​ internet resources. Some examples are www.google.com,​ www.yahoo.com,​ www.msn.com,​ www.altavista.com,​ www.askjeeves.com,​ etc there are really thousands of​ Search Engines on​ the​ net but these listed above are what surfers use most frequently (the major search engines). Among these google is​ the​ mostly used by internet users then yahoo,​ I personally do like 80% of​ my searches on​ Google and the​ rest on​ yahoo and very rarely on​ msn. It's important that you​ submit your website to​ these search engines,​ you​ can add your website to​ google here http://www.google.com/addurl.html

A Directory is​ a​ web page consisting mostly of​ categorized links to​ other web pages. Some examples of​ directories are www.dmoz.org (google directory is​ based on​ dmoz,​ it​ is​ important that you​ submit your website here,​ but there are very small chances of​ inclusion),​ the​ yahoo directory,​ and so on​ and as​ for Search Engines,​ there are many directories where you​ can submit your website. the​ submission process is​ very easy but the​ real point is​ whether the​ directory will list your website or​ not. the​ best way to​ get your website listed is​ to​ read the​ guidelines well as​ you​ would not like spending all this time and not getting listed..

Article submission is​ another way to​ get traffic and links to​ your website. Write articles and submit to​ as​ many article directories as​ possible,​ try to​ write about things that people want to​ read,​ make them want more,​ well your article must reflect what's in​ your website,​ for e.g. if​ your website talk about wedding your article should also be about wedding not about any other subjects,​ you​ can give tips,​ or​ explain about the​ particular stuff,​ anything that you​ want as​ long as​ it​ is​ interesting. it​ doesn't need to​ be long articles of​ more than 1000 words from 500 words should be fine.

You can also exchange link with websites having the​ same subject as​ yours,​ contact only websites with good PR (Page Rank) I suggest 3 or​ more as​ exchanging links with a​ website with PR0 will be useless as​ itself is​ not having much traffic,​ how will it​ be able to​ bring traffic to​ your website? And the​ website you've been exchanging links with try to​ verify regularly if​ your link is​ still on​ their website as​ they may remove your link as​ you've added a​ link back to​ them.

You now have an​ idea of​ what SEO means,​ it's very interesting and I really enjoy doing,​ what I find more time consuming till now is​ Link Exchange as​ you​ have to​ wait a​ lot until a​ person reply to​ you. you​ can start doing SEO for your website. Good Luck.

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