What You Need To Know About Computer Identity Theft To Protect Yourself

What You Need To Know About Computer Identity Theft To Protect Yourself
You look at​ your watch,​ realizing that you are almost late for work .​
Without meaning to,​ you drive through a​ red stoplight .​
a​ quick gasp,​ turning your head left and right,​ you check to​ see if​ anyone noticed.
Just as​ suddenly,​ the​ red and blue flashing lights are reflected in​ your rear-view mirror .​
Oh no,​ you sigh; as​ you realize the​ policeman that is​ pulling you over was an​ observer to​ what you had just done .​
You hope that he lefts you off with a​ warning so that you can still make it​ to​ work on​ time.
What you don’t realize is​ that you have been a​ victim of​ criminal identity theft and someone has stolen your identity .​
Slowly,​ the​ officer approaches the​ window of​ your vehicle .​
He politely asks for your driver’s license,​ inquires as​ to​ whether you know what he stopped you and then returns to​ his own vehicle.
All the​ while you silently pray for a​ traffic warning rather than a​ violation .​
As he runs your driver’s license through his dispatch support,​ a​ warrant for a​ crime that you know nothing about comes up .​
As you wait,​ you realize another police car has pulled up behind the​ original officer.
Together they approach your car .​
The original officer asks you to​ please vacate the​ vehicle and to​ place your hands on​ the​ hood of​ the​ vehicle .​
Once you have done so,​ he takes your hands,​ puts them behind your back and handcuffs you .​
All the​ while,​ the​ second officer reading you your rights and explaining that your vehicle will need to​ be picked up or​ the​ local towing company will tow it .​
You have no idea what is​ going on,​ when you try to​ explain,​ the​ officer dismisses your argument and takes you to​ his vehicle and off to​ jail.
How Can Criminal Identity Theft Affect You
This scenario while seemingly unreal is​ in​ fact a​ daily occurrence in​ many cities across America .​
Today,​ more than any other time in​ history,​ criminals are providing detailed personal history that is​ not their own in​ order to​ escape justice.
In some cases,​ the​ imposter will be arrested and booked under the​ false name without the​ true person ever knowing that anything had been done in​ their name .​
For the​ criminal identity theft victim,​ this can lead to​ denied employment and credit due to​ a​ criminal history.
In addition,​ if​ the​ imposter chooses not to​ attend the​ required legal court appearances,​ after having signed the​ original criminal or​ traffic ticket,​ the​ judge can enter a​ bench warrant for the​ suspect .​
The criminal identity theft victim,​ rather than the​ imposter,​ is​ then entered into a​ warrant system and is​ soon sought after by the​ local and state police.
As a​ Criminal Identity Theft Victim,​ It is​ Up To You To Clean Up the​ Mess
Unfortunately for the​ criminal identity theft victim,​ the​ responsibility of​ clearing one’s name is​ the​ responsibility of​ the​ victim .​
The criminal identity theft victim must work promptly to​ clear their name,​ to​ prevent further problems in​ the​ future .​
This is​ not always an​ easy task but it​ is​ an​ immediate need if​ you want to​ preserve your personal history and integrity .​
If you have been a​ victim of​ criminal identity theft,​ There are many agencies online and in​ the​ telephone directly that can assist you with resolving this matter.

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