What You Can Do While You Wait For Your SEO To Kick In

What You Can Do While You Wait For Your SEO To Kick In

It is​ always hard to​ launch a​ new site. Optimization is​ always the​ best way to​ go,​ and not just for the​ obvious reasons. Optimizing your pages from the​ start has other benefits. Your optimized pages,​ though they are not ranking now,​ make a​ great platform for PPC. Watching your conversions on​ them is​ important. Use this time to​ make sure your pages are converting well no matter how large or​ small your PPC budget is. This will help with your future organic conversions as​ well.

You can,​ of​ course,​ also use this time to​ work on​ your backlinks. Articles are always a​ good start. They're a​ great way to​ make a​ name for yourself and your company. Articles placed on​ typical articles sites are good,​ however,​ the​ key to​ gaining recognition is​ getting your articles on​ industry leading sites. Getting your articles into trade publications is​ a​ good idea as​ well. Use this time to​ work on​ your image and letting people know who you​ are. Image is​ everything and how you​ represent yourself and your company can help build your reputation and provide natural links.

Starting a​ blog is​ a​ must today. Start building a​ community. What sort of​ business you​ are in​ will dictate what your blog would be about. it​ could be on​ your industry's news. it​ could be tips,​ ideas or​ insights into what you​ do or​ offer. Blog tools such as​ MyBlogLog make it​ easier to​ find readers and build a​ community,​ not to​ mention get ideas from other bloggers.

Using social bookmarking in​ combination with your articles and blog posts can help increase your exposure. There's a​ lot of​ great info on​ the​ net on​ how to​ use social bookmarking to​ your advantage. Sites such as​ Digg are a​ great way to​ build traffic and links.

You can purchase reviews by other bloggers using services such as​ payperpost. These will allow you​ to​ pay bloggers to​ write about you​ while gaining the​ links you​ need for SEO. Finding the​ right bloggers is​ important. you​ want to​ hit readers that will be interested in​ what you​ offer with an​ eye on​ relevancy for the​ links you're hoping to​ get.

A podcast is​ a​ great way to​ gain exposure,​ build trust and help brand your business. Podcasts aren't for every industry. it​ will be up to​ you​ to​ decide if​ it's right for you. Having a​ podcast is​ also another way to​ gain natural links which will help with your SEO.

There is​ so much you​ can do while waiting for your SEO to​ kick in​ that will not only help build your company and image but will also help aid you​ in​ your SEO efforts. Many of​ the​ aforementioned items won't put a​ dent in​ your budget,​ though they can take up quite a​ bit of​ time. Still,​ most business owners just starting out have a​ lot more time on​ their hands than money.

So,​ don't relax while you're waiting. Get aggressive and watch you're your business and traffic grow.

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