What To Know Before Hiring An SEO Pro

What To Know Before Hiring An SEO Pro

An article about what you​ need to​ check out about an​ SEO professional or​ company before you​ make the​ decision to​ hire them to​ optimize your website.

There are a​ lot of​ SEO experts on​ the​ web and before you​ hire an​ SEO professional or​ company to​ optimize your website for you​ there are some things you​ need to​ consider. This is​ because there are a​ lot of​ companies have expanded the​ definition of​ SEO to​ include things that you​ don’t need (but they will sell them to​ you​ anyway.)

Before hiring a​ professional or​ a​ company to​ do your SEO for you​ it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ get a​ list of​ their previous clients and also find out how big this company is. is​ it​ just a​ guy in​ a​ basement or​ is​ it​ a​ big agency. Sometimes the​ guy in​ the​ basement is​ actually better and cheaper – the​ key thing is​ to​ get references and do a​ little research on​ the​ company’s background. a​ reputable SEO service will give you​ a​ list of​ clients that you​ can call.

Another thing to​ ask them is​ if​ they practice black hat SEO. Almost every company will say no so they can get your business but basically make sure that they are not using cloaking,​ portal pages or​ redirects to​ get you​ to​ number one in​ the​ search engine page rankings.

You should also carefully examine the​ cost of​ the​ service. the​ average going price for SEO services is​ about $10,​000 even for a​ very small site. if​ you​ find a​ cheaper rate it​ may or​ may not be a​ reputable company.

As this is​ a​ newer and shifting business to​ business service on​ the​ Internet in​ some ways make sure you​ get at​ least three quotes from three different companies before you​ make a​ decision about who to​ go with. This will give you​ a​ good idea of​ your options and help you​ make a​ good decision.

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