What To Do If You Have Trouble Training Your Dog

What To Do If You Have Trouble Training Your Dog

What to​ Do If you​ Have Trouble Training Your Dog
While most dogs are agreeable to​ learning basic rules of​ obedience if​ started at​ a​ young age,​ every once in​ a​ while a​ dog and a​ master just won't be able to​ come together to​ find a​ successful training routine .​
This can be extremely frustrating for both parties involved .​
Fortunately,​ there are many outside sources that can help with this.

The most popular are doggie daycare or​ doggie boot camps,​ pet care programs very similar to​ child daycares .​
At a​ dog daycare,​ dogs are paired with trainers for an​ hour or​ two each day and taught basic obedience; sit,​ come,​ don't bite the​ nice salesman .​
Once the​ dogs have mastered that,​ more advanced training is​ often available .​
The focus here is​ not entirely on​ training,​ however .​
Day cares for dogs are intended to​ provide a​ safe,​ happy place for a​ dog to​ go while their owner is​ at​ work,​ and they allow the​ animals plenty of​ play time,​ often complete with canine playground,​ as​ well as​ an​ in-depth grooming regimen daily; they will clip the​ dog's nails,​ clean their ears and eyes,​ bathe them and trim their coats when it​ is​ needed .​
More in-depth grooming options may be available; however,​ this varies by facility.

Doggie boot camp is​ becoming increasingly popular as​ a​ way to​ deal with animals that have simply refused to​ be trained .​
a​ group of​ professional trainers will work with your dog daily,​ for several hours a​ day,​ teaching them to​ obey basic commands .​
Each facility's methods of​ doing this are different; some use punishment based techniques,​ while others use rewards and positive reinforcement .​
This may be a​ boarding program,​ where your dog goes to​ a​ separate facility for a​ length of​ time,​ sleeping there,​ or​ it​ may be done as​ a​ day school,​ where the​ owner drops the​ dog off in​ the​ morning and picks them up in​ the​ afternoon .​
Some programs work with the​ owners as​ well; you​ and your dog will have a​ session with the​ trainer in​ which they will teach you​ to​ teach your dog to​ listen,​ and how to​ work together without being frustrated.

Canine boot camp can seem like a​ gift from the​ heavens,​ but owners should be careful .​
Beware of​ programs that claim to​ give you​ a​ perfectly trained animal within a​ matter of​ days; while a​ dog may be able to​ learn a​ trick or​ two in​ that time,​ it​ is​ unlikely the​ training will stick with them once they have returned home .​
Observation of​ their training techniques is​ important as​ well; while results are important,​ excessive force should not be used .​

Regardless of​ which program you​ decide to​ use,​ investigate the​ facility and the​ staff carefully .​
Confirm the​ credentials of​ the​ staff,​ and that they have been trained to​ handle any emergencies that may arise while your dog is​ in​ their care .​
Be sure that the​ facility is​ clean,​ of​ adequate size and does not possess any features which may be hazardous to​ the​ dogs .​
Each dog should have its separate space,​ with plenty of​ time allotted for feeding and rest,​ and an​ isolation area should be available for any animal who becomes uncontrollable .​

Information on​ these programs can be obtained online,​ through your veterinarian,​ and through the​ SPCA .​

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