What Makes Online Games More Fun

What Makes Online Games More Fun?
There’s never been a​ bigger time for games – specifically online games,​ than right now .​
The fact that people have always enjoyed the​ competitive and mentally stimulating nature that a​ game can provide is​ just a​ part of​ the​ reason .​
What makes it​ so compelling via the​ Internet is​ that there are clear advantages that traditional game playing can’t match .​
Plus,​ there are major Internet companies that are seeing the​ business case and potential for this industry .​
In fact,​ it’s estimated that it​ will be a​ $6.8 billion business by 2011.
Role playing games,​ puzzle games,​ traditional games like chess and backgammon – they are all becoming big in​ the​ online world,​ with more and more people playing every day .​
So,​ what makes online games more fun and what are the​ specific benefits one can enjoy?
Ability to​ Play from Home at​ Any time
Obviously,​ the​ idea that you can play from home,​ whenever your heart desires is​ a​ big draw .​
There’s no need to​ go down to​ the​ local chess hangout,​ or​ smokey bar .​
No need to​ go over to​ a​ friend’s house either .​
Simply boot up,​ jump on​ and sign in​ .​
You can play your best friend from the​ comfort of​ your own bedroom.
Low Subscription Cost or​ Free Use
A lot of​ the​ major online gaming companies feature a​ low subscription cost for its members .​
This is​ one reason for the​ major rise in​ these sites memberships .​
Many sites also have free games; games such as​ Scrabble,​ Family Feud,​ Dominoes and Jewel Quest can be played for free .​
The free online versions of​ the​ games offer users the​ chance to​ experience the​ game before making the​ decision to​ purchase and download.
The Chance to​ Compete with Best
OK,​ so your best friend isn’t really that good at​ backgammon .​
But,​ you want to​ improve your game .​
You also want to​ be challenged .​
Well,​ with online games,​ you can truly compete with the​ best there is​ .​
Want to​ play some stellar chess players? You’ll probably find a​ few online .​
Looking for some tough competition in​ Mah Jong Quest? Again,​ you’re only an​ Internet connection away from engaging some high quality players .​
Of course,​ at​ the​ same time,​ you may encounter some fairly weak players too .​
It may take some time to​ cultivate relationships,​ but they are out there .​
And online is​ really the​ only true way to​ find them quickly.
Making New Friends
So,​ you tend to​ be somewhat introverted,​ but still want to​ develop some new friendships .​
How about joining an​ online game site and meeting a​ few people? It happens every day .​
Many games offer advanced features that allow you to​ interact with other players in​ real time .​
Plus,​ you may make some cool international connections,​ which makes for a​ much more interesting exchange .​
Different cultures,​ different personalities,​ but one thing definitely in​ common – you both like playing online games.
High Quality Sound and Graphics
Your brand new X Box has a​ fantastic sound and graphics package,​ but you had to​ pay a​ lot to​ get it​ right? Well,​ your online games will have some pretty incredible audio and video features as​ well,​ but guess what? You didn’t have to​ pay to​ experience it! Plus,​ as​ more and more companies join the​ industry,​ you’re going to​ see them competing on​ this level .​
How are they going to​ get more people to​ join their site and play games? They’ll make the​ games state of​ the​ art –with all the​ new technology and latest features.
So,​ there you have it,​ the​ virtues of​ online games .​
It’s easy now,​ after analyzing it​ a​ bit,​ to​ see what has fueled the​ incredible growth .​
Whether you are attracted to​ it​ for competitive reasons,​ cost issues,​ the​ variety of​ the​ offerings,​ or​ any other reason,​ one thing is​ definitely true: an​ entire new online community is​ being developed in​ a​ very short amount of​ time .​
People,​ who would have never had the​ chance to​ meet,​ are not only interacting in​ a​ totally new way,​ they are having a​ great time doing it!

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