What Is SEO And Why Is It So Important

SEO is​ an​ acronym for Search Engine Optimizing and refers to​ a​ set of​ good practices that teach you​ how to​ improve your website so that it​ would be easily tracked,​ indexed and ranked by search engines. Getting your site indexed by Google and other major search engines will help you​ attract visitors and increase traffic.

It is​ the​ process of​ increasing the​ amount of​ visitors to​ a​ Web site by ranking high in​ the​ search results of​ a​ search engine. the​ higher a​ Web site ranks in​ the​ results of​ a​ search,​ the​ greater the​ chance that that site will be visited by a​ user. it​ is​ common practice for Internet users to​ not click through pages and pages of​ search results,​ so where a​ site ranks in​ a​ search is​ essential for directing more traffic toward the​ site.

SEO helps to​ ensure that a​ site is​ accessible to​ a​ search engine and improves the​ chances that the​ site will be found by the​ search engine.

Basic SEO Tips:

1. Insert keywords within the​ title tag so that search engine robots will know what your page is​ about. the​ title tag is​ located right at​ the​ top of​ your document within the​ head tags.

2. Use the​ same keywords as​ anchor text to​ link to​ the​ page from different pages on​ your site. This is​ especially useful if​ your site contains many pages. the​ more keywords that link to​ a​ specific page the​ better.

3. Make sure that the​ text within the​ title tag is​ also within the​ body of​ the​ page. it​ is​ unwise to​ have keywords in​ the​ title tag which are not contained within the​ body of​ the​ page.

4. Do not use the​ exact same title tag on​ every page on​ your website. Search engine robots might determine that all your pages are the​ same if​ all your title tags are the​ same. if​ this happens,​ your pages might not get indexed.

5. Do not spam the​ description or​ keyword meta tag by stuffing meaningless keywords or​ even spend too much time on​ this tag.
6. Do not link to​ link-farms or​ other search engine unfriendly neighborhoods. a​ good rule of​ thumb is​ if​ your pages do not contain any words that reflect the​ content of​ the​ site you​ are linking to,​ do not link to​ it.

7. Do not use doorway pages. Doorway pages are designed for robots only,​ not humans.

8. Title tags for text links. Insert the​ title tag within the​ HTML of​ your text link to​ add weight to​ the​ link and the​ page where the​ link resides. This is​ like the​ alt tag for images.

9. Describe your images with the​ use of​ the​ alt tag. This will help search engines that index images to​ find your pages and will also help readers who use text only web browsers.

10. Submit to​ the​ search engines yourself. Do not use submission service or​ submission software. Doing so could get your site penalized or​ even banned.

So in​ this way Search Engine Optimization,​ is​ important,​ and helps to​ bring more visitors and Link Exchanging,​ is​ important because it​ can drive more visitors then search engines,​ once established. Directories ad valuable content for your customers/visitors,​ and this it​ improves your SEO.

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