What Is SEO And How Backlinks Help In Better Serp S

SEO is​ one of​ the​ most unnecessarily complicated jobs there is​ in​ the​ internet business world. There are so many “secrets” and “gurus” that offer you​ the​ hidden knowledge necessary for top search engine rankings,​ when in​ reality,​ search engine optimization is​ actually pretty simple.

Search engine optimization,​ or​ SEO,​ can be divided into two parts: on-site SEO,​ and link building.

On-site SEO is​ the​ process of​ optimizing the​ content of​ your pages for a​ particular keyword or​ keywords. the​ easiest way to​ do this is​ to​ use a​ free tool like WebCEO that will analyze your webpage and make suggestions on​ how you​ can better optimize it.

At it's simplest,​ on-site SEO is​ making sure that your keywords are found (in the​ right numbers) in​ the​ right places. Specifically,​ the​ search engines want to​ see your keywords in:

- Page titles
- Page body
- Bold text
- Top of​ page
- Bottom of​ page
- Alt text
- Text links

Link building,​ the​ second half of​ SEO,​ is​ at​ least as​ important as​ on-site SEO,​ but is​ often neglected. When search engines look at​ your site,​ they also look at​ all of​ the​ sites that link to​ your site. Each site that links to​ your site gives your site a​ certain number of​ “votes”,​ based on​ several factors.

So,​ the​ more quality links you​ can get to​ your site,​ the​ higher you​ will rank in​ the​ major search engines. But before you​ can start gaining links to​ your site,​ you​ need to​ know what makes a​ quality link. There are several factors that determine a​ link's quality:

1 – Anchor text
A high quality link will have your keyword(s) in​ the​ anchor text,​ or​ the​ clickable text part of​ the​ link.

2- Site quality
A high quality link is​ one from a​ quality,​ unique,​ content based site related to​ your site.

3- Anchor text variation
When building links,​ you'll want to​ vary your anchor text. if​ all of​ your links have the​ same text,​ search engines may discount them as​ spam.

4- Slowly but surely
Good things come to​ those who wait. Building links should be done slowly and steadily. if​ you​ build a​ whole bunch of​ links at​ once,​ you​ risk the​ links being discounted as​ spam by the​ search engines.

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