What Is Freelance SEO Writing

What Is Freelance SEO Writing

SEO writing is​ one of​ the​ newer forms of​ freelance writing spawned by the​ Internet Age,​ and as​ such,​ SEO writing is​ an​ excellent way -- if​ at​ times a​ frustrating way -- for budding writers to​ cut their teeth in​ the​ freelance writing scene. SEO writing takes a​ fair amount of​ imagination and some engineering grit,​ but if​ you​ like puzzles,​ then freelancing as​ an​ SEO writer will interest you.

SEO,​ or​ "Search Engine Optimization,​" has its roots in​ the​ early days of​ the​ Internet. Once early Internet marketers realized they could manipulate search engine rankings with meaningless content and keywords,​ a​ whirlwind of​ keyword-stuffed web pages swept across the​ Internet,​ all designed to​ push their content -- and the​ products they sold -- to​ the​ top of​ search engine lists. This sharply increased user traffic and potential profits. it​ wasn't uncommon to​ see web pages with only a​ few short paragraphs of​ copy with large,​ seemingly-blank areas of​ space. However,​ if​ you​ highlighted these blank areas of​ space with a​ cursor,​ it​ would reveal massive strings of​ invisible keywords. SEO writers used to​ embed invisible keywords in​ text to​ rank the​ webpage higher in​ search engines for nearly any remotely-relevant search term.

Fortunately for good web design,​ search engine programmers became aware of​ this flaw,​ and they refined their search engines to​ ignore such obvious "keyword stuffing." This major change has made search engines rank web pages more relevant of​ the​ actual content and not the​ stuffed keywords. Content providers responded to​ this by developing SEO writing,​ which ideally gets the​ same results as​ open keyword-stuffing,​ but provides a​ better-designed,​ better-written page as​ well. It's a​ "best of​ both worlds" compromise: content providers willing to​ invest in​ SEO writing get to​ keep their high search engine rankings and readers get more smoothly integrated and keyword-dense text.

There are bad SEO writers and good SEO writers. Bad SEO writers aren't aware of​ exactly how search engines work,​ and will try stuffing text with ten or​ twenty commonly-used search terms ("sex,​" "money,​" and the​ like) ten or​ twenty times apiece,​ without caring whether the​ actual text reads well. These days search engines are sophisticated enough to​ ignore these kinds of​ transparent keyword-stuffing efforts,​ a​ defense which only good SEO practice can get around.

A skilled SEO writer:

- Uses only one or​ two search terms per page;
- Uses unique,​ natural-language search terms;
- Integrates search terms smoothly with text;

The difference between a​ good and bad SEO writer are in​ the​ results. Good SEO writers can provide actual results in​ the​ search rankings. Their SEO writing talents keep the​ client's web pages on​ the​ first page of​ search engine results and create additional revenue for the​ client. Bad SEO writers don't keep client pages in​ the​ first page of​ search engine results; they create nearly unreadable,​ transparently phony text,​ and don't get paid well at​ all. if​ you​ want to​ succeed as​ a​ freelance SEO writer,​ you​ first need to​ learn to​ be a​ good one.

Writing integrated text is​ often the​ most difficult part of​ good SEO writing. the​ rule is​ you​ should use each search term once or​ twice in​ a​ 250-word block of​ copy. This is​ fine if​ your search term is​ something like "bond portfolio,​" but what do you​ do if​ your search term is​ more like "high-yield gold investment bond package bonds"? This is​ where the​ "puzzle" aspect of​ SEO writing comes in: no matter how cumbersome your search term,​ you​ need to​ find a​ way to​ make it​ sound natural.

Skilled SEO writers employ some tricks for awkward keyword phrases,​ such as​ the​ following:

- Enclosing the​ search term in​ quotes (making it​ seem like a​ precise technical term,​ rather than just clunky phrase); and

- Defining the​ term at​ the​ opening of​ the​ article and using it​ further on,​ or​ drawing comparisons between two SEO terms (requiring you​ to​ refer to​ both frequently).

There aren't any hard-and-fast rules to​ integrate keywords effectively; every keyword set is​ different and every article has different needs. But with imagination,​ you​ can get your prose to​ read naturally while still being SEO-worthy. Just remember the​ other principal rule: don't overstuff keywords in​ text,​ but rather space your keywords adequately throughout the​ text.

Who offers SEO writing jobs? Virtually any company with enough money and enough willingness to​ maintain a​ high web presence. Be careful of​ the​ keyword lists you​ take on. Generally speaking,​ if​ the​ client has a​ long keyword list and he needs many keywords in​ his text,​ then most search engines will rank his webpage low and you​ may not be able to​ achieve the​ results he wants. to​ establish yourself as​ a​ freelance SEO writer (and to​ get some much needed practice in​ SEO writing),​ you'll probably need to​ take some of​ these jobs at​ some point. Take a​ look on​ freelance writing message boards,​ in​ classified ads,​ and make inquiries at​ local businesses who either have a​ web presence,​ or​ who you​ think are ready to​ develop one. Chances are excellent that companies with new websites can use a​ skilled SEO writer.

Keep at​ it,​ learn the​ tricks,​ and remember that SEO writing is​ a​ very in-demand skill. Once you​ build a​ reputation for yourself,​ you​ can command both higher prices and higher-profile (yet easier) assignments regularly.

What Is Freelance SEO Writing

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