What Is Computer Virus

What is​ Computer Virus ?
A computer virus is​ a​ malicious computer program that,​ when executed by an​ unsuspecting human,​ performs tasks that primarily include replicating itself and in​ some cases deploying a​ payload.
A decade or​ so ago,​ viruses were pretty simple .​
They got into a​ system and infected a​ file or​ two .​
It was a​ basic as​ ordering coffee when coffee was easy to​ order .​
One coffee pleaseblack.
Today,​ the​ catalog of​ viruses you have to​ defend yourself against is​ frighteningly complex .​
In fact,​ it's become as​ complex as,​ well,​ ordering coffee.
Looks like you've been infected by a​ dropper that's put a​ Trojan on​ your system,​ which deployed a​ multi-partite that opened a​ backdoor and also infected the​ master boot record.
Sounds like an​ order at​ Starbucks,​ don't you think?
These days a​ discussion about a​ virus can actually occur without using the​ word virus because sometimes viruses are worms or​ Trojan horses,​ which are virus-like nasties that act a​ little different than their infectious cousins.
Why are they called computer viruses? Well,​ because they have similar characteristics to​ biological viruses that infect humansin at​ least one way .​
The computer variety jumps from computer to​ computer much like a​ cold virus jumps from your kids to​ you and from you to​ your spouse.
Don't let all this frighten you,​ though .​
It's not that hard to​ figure out and defending your computer against viruses is​ pretty straightforward .​
Still,​ if​ the​ idea makes you queasy,​ skip ahead to​ the​ part of​ the​ chapter about how to​ easily protect yourself from viruses .​
But I​ hope you stick around because the​ more you know,​ the​ geekier you will be .​
Okay,​ not really .​
But understanding them makes them much less scary.
Viruses were one of​ the​ first real security threats people had to​ deal with when personal computers started appearing in​ homes a​ couple of​ decades ago .​
The first computer viruses were written in​ the​ 1980s; however,​ they really didn't become a​ big threat until the​ late 1990s when everyone who owned a​ personal computer started connecting to​ the​ Internet.
Before then viruses spread via floppy disks or​ CDs .​
They would ride on​ the​ back of​ files stored on​ a​ disk or​ in​ the​ boot area of​ the​ floppy and replicate when the​ disk was inserted into the​ computer.
The Internet's popularity has also become the​ chief reason that security on​ personal computers has become such a​ hot topic .​
a​ Net connection is​ the​ off-ramp from the​ Internet into your computer for all data .​
And guess what? For viruses it's an​ express lane.

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