What Is Black Hat Search Engine Optimization SEO

SEO has been very useful and famous in​ internet marketing. There are many techniques that make boosting your site a​ success through different SEO strategies. But despite the​ success of​ seo,​ there are some black practitioners who tend to​ see the​ field of​ search engine optimization as​ war,​ and the​ search engines are doing anything to​ beat the​ competition whether it​ is​ fair or​ foul. Those white hatters market with the​ other search engines as​ associates or​ partners who can help them drive links and business to​ their client’s sites.

Cloaking happens when a​ website or​ a​ web page displays different content for a​ certain search engine spider in​ opposition to​ a​ human user. Cloaking is​ the​ one that delivers a​ version of​ a​ page to​ an​ Internet user and a​ different description to​ a​ search engine. you​ will notice a​ cloaked page is​ filled with keywords and phrases that the​ site wants to​ make them rank high.

This is​ done by cloaking the​ programs that weigh the​ IP address of​ the​ other party to​ a​ database of​ the​ known IP address which comes from a​ definite search engine spider. if​ there is​ a​ match in​ the​ IP address on​ the​ list,​ it​ serves a​ page which is​ particularly written for the​ search engines.

Cloaking has several good reasons which include increasing advertising and promotion. if​ you​ are trying to​ control your rankings in​ the​ different search engines,​ it​ might result to​ penalize your site or​ it​ might be banned.

Spamming or​ the​ keyword stuffing is​ a​ long list of​ keywords placed in​ the​ content and also the​ code on​ the​ page which makes it​ unreadable. Have you​ seen a​ page that repeatedly displays an​ ad with certain words? it​ is​ obvious that the​ site is​ trying to​ rank its page. This is​ known as​ keyword spamming but it​ is​ just one tip that most SEO companies are trying to​ do to​ increase page rank.

You might not notice the​ page may have invisible text,​ title tags,​ meta tags and comment tags. if​ a​ page repeats a​ certain keyword repeatedly,​ google might place a​ filter to​ lessen the​ ranking or​ much worse,​ ban the​ site. Keyword density can be quite tricky but following the​ general rule,​ 3% t0 12 % is​ the​ percentage to​ which a​ site can use the​ targeted keywords.

You will notice there are some hidden texts in​ SEO strategies. This happens when a​ text or​ link is​ invisible to​ the​ website visitor but can still be seen by the​ search engines. if​ this happens it​ is​ considered hidden. Before,​ people used small fonts to​ hide the​ text or​ they would even use the​ same color for the​ background.

This makes them able to​ put some links which are unseen,​ but has long been noticed by the​ search engines that is​ why they have come up with another strategy this time. Spammers are using the​ cascading style sheets in​ order to​ hide the​ text. Some are also using tags which are set to​ hide the​ text on​ the​ page. These strategies are considered hidden if​ they are left unseen but search engines have their own technique of​ spotting invisible links so better not do it​ at​ all.

The doorway pages are those that exclusively exist to​ rank well in​ the​ different search engines. you​ may notice some of​ the​ pages being ugly and some contain paragraphs which do not have any relation to​ the​ topic. Most of​ the​ time these doorway pages are not part of​ the​ regular navigation of​ the​ site which are called orphaned pages.

A black hat SEO can use very good software to​ filter or​ generate the​ doorway pages. This happens when they plug a​ few keywords and search the​ page.

You may notice some sites linking to​ other sites which are have no relation at​ all. Some sites just link to​ other sites which is​ part of​ their strategy. Now,​ you​ will find this truly spamming.

If you​ are going to​ put up your own website,​ make sure that you​ will avoid these things and keep SEO marketing fair and do not think of​ competition. Think of​ how you​ can increase your site ranking fairly.

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