What Is The Best Dog Collar

What Is The Best Dog Collar

Dog collars come in​ a​ variety of​ colors,​ styles and even functions. There’s the​ obedience or​ choke collar,​ bark control collars,​ flea collars,​ and a​ whole array of​ just dog collars. So which to​ choose?

If barking is​ an​ issue perhaps a​ bark control collar will do the​ trick. Bark control collars use two types of​ bark detection,​ either external sound or​ vibrations from the​ dogs throat. Neither type is​ totally infallible; the​ vibration type can be set off by motion and the​ sound type by external sounds other than the​ dog barking. However both have proved to​ be effective in​ helping control your dogs barking humanely. the​ best collars employ both methods at​ the​ same time to​ reduce the​ ‘false’ readings and help bring barking under control.

But once your dog has stopped barking what do you​ need to​ consider in​ a​ dog collar?

One of​ the​ essentials of​ a​ dog collar is​ to​ make sure that it’s personalized and has the​ dogs name and your contact details engraved somewhere on​ the​ collar or​ on​ a​ tag. This will make it​ easy for someone to​ get in​ touch with you​ if​ your dog gets lost. it​ can also help keep your dog calm in​ what can be a​ distressing situation. While your dog may be amongst strangers,​ they will know his name from his collar and he’ll feel less threatened if​ called by name.

Leather makes an​ excellent dog collar. it​ is​ very strong,​ hard wearing,​ weather proof and comfortable for your dog. There are flat collars for dogs with shorter hair,​ and rounded collars for longer haired dogs. This is​ to​ stop breaking the​ hair around your dog’s neck. Try and keep the​ dog collar as​ thin as​ you​ can while maintaining the​ strength for your dog’s comfort.

Finally pick a​ dog collar that suits your dog’s personality and size. After all it​ is​ part of​ your dog’s image!

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