What I Have Learnt As A Beginner To Internet Online Business

What I Have Learnt As A Beginner To Internet Online Business

Like tens of​ thousands of​ people who often venture online exploring ways to​ make a​ little extra money,​ I have been looking for ways that would allow me to​ eventually live a​ life with residual income and financial freedom.

Obviously,​ I did not know how except for the​ fact that many are making millions of​ dollars every year from Internet.

But I learnt fast,​ after having paid a​ lot of​ money to​ the​ so-called Internet gurus. I realised that there were a​ lot of​ scams,​ hyped-up promises,​ and just plain sure-way-to-loose-your-hard-earned-money programs. Very quickly,​ it​ became obvious to​ me that the​ promises of​ make-tons-of-money-with-no-effort-all-for-free had to​ be challenged because this is​ not true at​ all! What you​ get for nothing would be nothing. I learnt now how I should look every time before I leapt.

Building a​ business online is​ just like building a​ brick-and-mortar business offline. So you​ need both a​ good plan and a​ marketable product. Some friends advised that I should build a​ website around my personal interest or​ hobbies because it’d be fun doing so. That way,​ when the​ going gets tough,​ the​ motivation to​ persevere would be more likely to​ prevail. However I found that my own interest and hobbies were not necessarily what the​ market was looking for. in​ fact,​ I realized that I should look at​ other people’s interest instead.

The easiest way to​ get into business online is​ through affiliate programs which allow you​ to​ sign up as​ an​ affiliate member. you​ earn a​ referral commission from selling the​ program owners’ products.

These products are usually information products such as​ electronic books (eBook) and software that can be delivered as​ a​ file that is​ then downloaded directly to​ your customers' computers. They could be repeatedly reproduced and downloaded and sold at​ no cost. There’s no packing,​ shipping and delivery cost. Owing to​ this,​ affiliate program owners usually pay their affiliates high commissions (50% or​ more).

I learnt that it​ is​ best for beginners to​ start by joining a​ few affiliate programs,​ followed by announcing this to​ as​ many friends as​ possible to​ prompt them to​ visit my websites.

At the​ same time I was strongly advised against the​ use of​ “Spam”. Suddenly I found my list of​ friends to​ be pathetically short! Hardly 100 names!

I was feeling really inadequate after finding that many Internet entrepreneurs actually had a​ mailing lists of​ well over 5000,​ 10,​000,​ 100,​000…….

To start off,​ I needed a​ website,​ although people do make money without a​ website. By joining an​ affiliate program I did not have to​ worry about creating a​ website of​ my own because many affiliate programs do offer websites for free.

However I was advised to​ learn how to​ modify the​ website to​ differentiate it​ from many others having the​ same program so that I would have some advantages over others.

As I said,​ I had a​ miserable mailing list hence I needed to​ build one for visitors by their subscribing to​ my online newsletters. Oh yes,​ I have heard it​ a​ thousand times in​ my short stay in​ this business – “The money is​ in​ the​ list...that all important list which begins the​ flow of​ "traffic" …No list...No traffic...No traffic...No sales..”

I send these people my regular newsletter via “autoresponder” provided by the​ program and over time,​ I hope to​ develop a​ relationship with many of​ the​ visitors.

A newsletter allows me to​ share information and resources with my subscribers resulting in​ a​ positive rapport,​ friendship and eventually trust.

There’s a​ 30-day guide which is​ really cool. it​ takes me step by step each day to​ improve my business incrementally. the​ tips and tricks given are especially for professional business working from home. it​ exposes me to​ many possibilities,​ among other things,​ of​ how to​ drive traffic to​ my site. And I find joy in​ doing so especially in​ my pyjamas!

The program allows me to​ join a​ discussion forum. it​ is​ like walking into a​ big library,​ the​ only difference is​ that this is​ better because all the​ members have similar interest i.e. Internet business. This is​ where I find answers and solutions to​ my questions and problems. I find active and successful members discussing their latest findings,​ for instance,​ the​ best websites and software to​ use to​ improve our businesses. Another advantage in​ taking part in​ the​ discussion is​ that other members or​ visitors get to​ know my website located in​ my “signature file”.

Yes,​ I also learnt how to​ place my adverts. Here are some of​ the​ things that I’ve looked into:

1) the​ various locations where I can place an​ ad such as​ newsgroups,​ forums,​ ezines,​ and web sites.

2) How to​ post information to​ a​ mailing list or​ newsgroup for free but using a​ signature file to​ promote my websites.

3) How the​ program helps me to​ set up autoresponders to​ take away the​ chore of​ responding to​ visitors manually.

4) How to​ write articles and submit them to​ article directories to​ get free advertisement for life.

5) I’ve created a​ Blog of​ my own. it​ is​ an​ excellent way to​ provide visitors and customers with information at​ their fingertips,​ just a​ click away. I keep it​ fresh and alive by posting interesting articles on​ Internet business on​ a​ regular basis. the​ articles in​ the​ Blog also offer me free advertisement because each article carries a​ link to​ my websites.

In conclusion,​ if​ you​ want to​ make money on​ the​ Internet,​ it​ is​ a​ real possibility. But please do not expect something for nothing. you​ need to​ invest in​ your effort,​ time,​ commitment and at​ least some financial input. Once you’ve decided,​ go for it​ and. …..DON'T EVER GIVE UP!

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