What Dog Breed I Recommend To My Friends

What Dog Breed I Recommend To My Friends

To recommend a​ good dog breed to​ someone,​ you​ need to​ know two things:

1. you​ must have an​ in-depth and personal experience with many different breeds. And more specifically,​ you​ must have multiple experiences with each breed. When you've been training dogs professionally for about 10 years,​ you've seen pretty much everything cross your path,​ at​ least three or​ four times. And for the​ more popular breeds,​ you've had literally hundreds of​ experiences that can put you​ in​ a​ very good position to​ analyze the​ pro's and con's of​ each breed.

2. you​ need to​ understand both the​ wants and needs of​ the​ family who is​ looking to​ adopt a​ new dog. a​ couple who have very dominant personalities and no children will generally be able to​ handle a​ dog with more horsepower than would a​ quiet,​ submissive couple with a​ few small children.

That being said,​ here are the​ top five breeds I recommend to​ people I don't know very well:

1. Golden Retriever: These dogs have a​ soft,​ pliable and easily trainable temperament. They are very pain-resistant and very forgiving to​ the​ owner who accidentally steps on​ a​ toe or​ clumsily trips on​ the​ dog. Purchased from a​ good breeder,​ these dogs are a​ joy to​ own.

2. Poodle (any variety): These dogs score extremely high on​ both the​ trainability scale and on​ the​ intelligence scale. I'm always amazed at​ how quickly these dogs can pick up an​ new behavior. It's almost like communicating to​ a​ human in​ dog clothing. if​ it​ wasn't for the​ sissy factor,​ I'd probably own one myself. Professional dog trainers see very few dog owners who walk through the​ door with troubling behavior problems. if​ everyone owned a​ Poodle,​ we'd all be out of​ business.

3. Australian Shepherd: Not to​ be confused with the​ Australian Cattle Dog (also an​ excellent breed but not for the​ amateur or​ weak owner) the​ Australian Shepherd - if​ obtained from a​ quality breeder - is​ fantastic. I don't think that there is​ anything you​ can't train this breed to​ do.

4. Boston Terrier: These dogs are clean and quiet. They make a​ fantastic house dog and are very easy to​ get along with. a​ perfect companion for the​ elder dog owner,​ or​ just somebody who wants a​ very peaceful dog ownership experience with a​ breed that is​ not very demanding.

5. Shetland Sheepdog: Small,​ easily trainable and possessing a​ soft temperament,​ they are intelligent and - with the​ right training techniques - will learn new behaviors very quickly.

That's all for now,​ folks!

What Dog Breed I Recommend To My Friends

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