What Do You Really Need To Go Into Business On The Internet

What Do You Really Need To Go Into Business On The Internet 1

I have lost track of​ the​ number of​ discussion board posts and emails I have answered about that topic. I admit for those first venturing into the​ uncharted waters of​ internet business it​ can be challenging and more than a​ little daunting. There is​ a​ flood of​ products out there clamoring for your money and all claim to​ be absolutely essential to​ your success on​ the​ internet. Don't buy it,​ they are all selling snake oil!

There are some essentials you​ will need (assuming that if​ you​ are reading this that you​ already have an​ email account and internet access) but you​ really can start out at​ the​ ground level with nothing but an​ idea and build your internet business up from there. you​ can start your business on​ a​ shoestring budget of​ just $10 a​ year. if​ you​ are ready for the​ fast track then you​ can start with as​ little as​ $10 month. if​ you​ are aiming for the​ penthouse then you​ can up your monthly budget to​ $30.

What are the​ essentials?

Ground level approach:

Create a​ blog account at​ one of​ the​ free blogging sites available online (we used to​ use Blogger.com but there are many other good options). This will serve as​ your internet base. it​ really is​ the​ cheapest and easiest way to​ get online today. Yes,​ you​ could create a​ free web site at​ one of​ the​ many available but blogs are more attractive to​ the​ search engines. Plus they offer you​ the​ ability to​ personalize it​ but most of​ your energy will be spent on​ content which is​ the​ king of​ the​ internet and the​ real reason you​ want an​ internet presence.

Now sign up for a​ free ClickBank affiliate acccount which will give you​ immediate access to​ something to​ sell --and the​ added advantage that many products also come with some handy content you​ can use to​ fill out your new blog. Sign up for a​ contextual or​ pay-per-click advertiser such as​ Google's Adsense or​ Chikita and you'll start earning from visitors as​ well as​ customers.

That's it! you​ are now in​ business. Keep filling your blog and promoting it​ as​ well and you​ will soon start earning!

Shoestring approach:

This method is​ similar to​ the​ previous approach with one crucial difference -- you​ purchase your own domain name. a​ domain name will cost you​ between $5 and $10 a​ year depending on​ whether you​ go .com or​ .info (or one of​ the​ many other options available). you​ don't need to​ find a​ web host or​ create a​ site. Simply point the​ domain at​ your blog for now and continue with the​ development and promotion of​ your blog. the​ advantage of​ owning your own domain name is​ simply that later when you​ have the​ money,​ time,​ and knowledge to​ develop your web site that domain name will already exist and have filtered through the​ search engines. it​ also offers some marketing advantages that a​ free blog cannot.

Fast-track approach:

You host your own domain and offer your blog either as​ the​ site or​ as​ an​ addition to​ the​ site. you​ should be able to​ do this for between $10 and $20 a​ month with a​ reputable host that offers all the​ tools and utilities you​ might need for your current site. Maybe down the​ line you'll need to​ upgrade but by then you'll know your income and your needs.

Penthouse approach:

You add one final tool that will make your internet business complete -- a​ mailing list tool. you​ can do this for just $20 a​ month and it​ will be worth every penny for sales,​ customer service,​ and promotional tool.

That's it​ for just $90 you​ can have every tool you​ need to​ make hundreds or​ even thousands from your internet business and you​ can actually get by with a​ lot less than that for your initial startup.

Two final notes.

First,​ I did not include any budget in​ here for advertising because there are a​ lot of​ free ways you​ can get started advertising and promoting your site and I would recommend exhausting those options before you​ begin looking into spending money on​ advertising. By that time you​ may well have started to​ earn a​ profit from your internet venture and so you​ can have a​ better idea of​ the​ size of​ your advertising budget.

Second,​ if​ you​ plan to​ sell products yourself then you​ will need a​ payment processor. you​ can sign up for free with PayPal so that is​ no additional expenditure (you pay a​ percentage of​ each sale so it​ is​ self-funding) or​ you​ can sign up for vendor account with ClickBank which will cost you​ a​ one-time fee of​ $50 plus a​ percentage of​ each sale. I would not lay out a​ lot of​ money for a​ shopping cart program or​ one of​ the​ other programs that charges a​ monthly fee. I have done business with PayPal and ClickBank as​ my exclusive payment processors since 1999. Every so often I will investigate my other options and every time I stick with these simple,​ effective programs.

Good luck with your new internet venture!

What Do You Really Need To Go Into Business On The Internet

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