What Do You Mean I Need Permission Its My Computer

What Do You Mean I​ Need Permission? It's My Computer!
Picture this .​
You've spent all day working on​ organizing files and at​ the​ end of​ the​ day,​ you want to​ change the​ name of​ the​ folder to​ show the​ status of​ your work .​
Vista takes control and pop-ups start slapping you in​ the​ face.
You need to​ confirm this operation .​
Ok,​ you click continue
Then another- If you started this operation,​ click continue .​
Ok,​ you do.
Then another- You need permission to​ perform this action Good grief,​ I​ own this computer,​ I​ am the​ only one using it​ and I​ need permission? Who does Vista think it​ is?
You're given two choices- try again and cancel .​
Neither gives you the​ desired change of​ name.
What should have taken seconds is​ now minutes and you still haven't got it​ done.
Ok,​ so lets change permissions .​
Now where do you begin.
Right click on​ the​ folder and go to​ properties .​
Shared with everyone from there and tried it​ again .​
Same results.
Right click on​ the​ folder again and then chose share .​
Another pop-up...This may take a​ few minutes the​ few minutes is​ now 5 minutes .​
Then finally,​ another popup- your folder is​ now shared.
You try again .​
Same results.
You give up on​ that approach and make another folder naming it​ what you want .​
Then copy and paste from old folder to​ new .​
Now you wait while it​ is​ copying .​
Ok,​ three minutes later you have a​ new folder,​ named what you want and the​ old folder that you can now delete .​
Another pop-up,​ Are you sure you want to​ move this item to​ the​ Recycle Bin?
I wouldn't have had to,​ if​ you had just let me rename it!!
yes then wait another minute and finally you have accomplished your renaming of​ a​ folder Vista style.
What should have taken 5 seconds,​ took 20 minutes.
Thank you Vista for wasting my time,​ for thinking that I​ don't know what I'm doing,​ for your I​ know best attitude.
I've had it .​
Ubuntu here I​ come!

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