What Are SEO Contests And How To Rank Better In SEO Contests

What Are SEO Contests And How To Rank Better In SEO Contests

The keyword is​ totally unique in​ the​ eyes of​ the​ search engines,​ and there are strong rules in​ these contests.

Some of​ the​ general important rules of​ seocontests.
1. No black hat search engine optimization allowed
2. No one from the​ official announcement website can enter this contest.
3. No Spamming of​ keywords and website
4. No cloaking or​ keyword stuffing

These contests generally are started with a​ time frame given to​ show the​ results in​ search engine results pages.

These are some of​ the​ general tips to​ rank better for the​ contest.
1. Try to​ get a​ older domain name rather than a​ new one,​ this is​ because there is​ a​ myth that search engines rank old domains better.
2. Never try to​ add the​ contest keyword more than 10 times to​ your contest webpage because this will result in​ keyword stuffing.
3. Add meta tags to​ your contest page which may include title,​ keywords,​ description and robots tag.
4. Add H1 ,​ H2,​ and H3 tags correctly with the​ keyword in​ the​ first H1 tag.
5. Try to​ add unique contest to​ your webpage,​ which is​ totally fresh,​ as​ search engines like fresh content.
6. After the​ onpage SEO is​ completed ,​ start doing link building by exchanging links with relevant websites.
7. Add a​ sitemap to​ your website and continue with the​ link building.

If these steps are done perfectly ,​ you​ can make sure that your webpage tops the​ search engine result pages.

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