What Andy Griffith Can Teach You About Dog Training

Some people get worried and excited when their dog is​ off-leash and he's done something that requires you​ to​ correct him. Because the​ owner is​ both worried and excited,​ they move fast toward the​ dog,​ concerned that the​ dog might run off before they can correct him. However,​ if​ you've done your long-line work properly and you've laid a​ solid foundation for your off leash training,​ there really isn't any reason for you​ to​ worry that your dog will run off. So,​ what does this have to​ do with Andy Griffith,​ you're probably wondering? Well,​ if​ you​ watch Andy Griffith on​ television,​ you'll notice that the​ old guy always moves slowly and deliberately. He never rushes and he never looks worried. When you​ go to​ correct your dog,​ this is​ the​ same kind of​ attitude you​ should have. Be like Andy. Andy never gets angry. He never gets emotional. He just calmly and slowly goes about doing what he has to​ do,​ in​ order to​ reach his goals. Watch Matlock,​ or​ the​ Andy Griffith Show and you'll see what I mean. if​ you​ model Andy Griffith's mannerisms when you​ work with your dog,​ I can guarantee that your handling skill will increase at​ a​ very quick pace.

Dog Freaked Out Over Pinch Collar

Dear Adam:

I tried the​ pinch collar on​ my Westie a​ few days ago and he freaked out. He hated it,​ would not move and let out a​ little cry like he was in​ pain. Now I am afraid to​ try it​ again. Could he be too sensitive for this collar? it​ was not too tight. After his initial reaction,​ he then began to​ skulk around next to​ me. at​ the​ time,​ I was with 2 trainers who teach in​ a​ dog training club I joined. They recommended the​ collar to​ me. They said he would get used to​ it. Any advice? is​ there a​ way to​ ease him into it?


Dear Buster:

Yes... if​ you've got it​ sized correctly,​ what's happening here is​ that your dog is​ manipulating you. He throws a​ tantrum and you​ RESPONDED to​ it​ AND STOPPED.

He's training you.

Next time,​ glue the​ leash to​ your belt buckle and just keep walking. Don't jerk it. Don't say anything. Don't coax or​ baby him. as​ soon as​ he learns that you​ aren't going to​ stop (may be a​ bit now that you've already showed him you'll stop) he'll realize that the​ tantrum doesn't get rewarded and he'll start walking. as​ soon as​ he does,​ PRAISE HIM... BUT CONTINUE WALKING WHILE you​ DO!

That's all for now,​ folks!

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