Weight Watchers Weight Loss Strategies My Top 10

Recently I hit my goal weight and moved to​ the​ Weight Watchers Maintenance Program. I've been thinking about it​ a​ lot as​ I continue to​ do my best to​ follow the​ program,​ and wondering how it​ is​ I was able to​ lose nearly 33 pounds in​ 8 months. So,​ I decided to​ write my Top 10 Strategies. I'll list them Dave Letterman style.

Top 10 Weight Watchers Weight Loss Strategies That Worked for Me

10. I make sure to​ have lots of​ 1 and 2 point treats in​ the​ house. I work at​ home and I've learned that I like to​ snack and nibble during the​ day so it's important to​ have low point treats available so I don't feel guilty.

9. I let other people know (my friends,​ family and colleagues) what I'm working on​ so they can support me and give me kudos when I succeed.

8. I share my success and challenges on​ a​ blog (http://www.slim-people.com). This has been a​ great outlet for me to​ focus myself on​ what I need to​ keep doing,​ reading and thinking about in​ order to​ stay on​ track.

7. I use the​ Weight Watchers online etools. I'm a​ nut for details so the​ online program is​ great for me. I work at​ home and sit in​ front of​ a​ computer all day. It's no problem for me to​ add my food immediately to​ the​ online points tracker. I also enter my weight every Saturday after my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. I get an​ immediate visual representation of​ how I'm going as​ I view the​ graph.

6. I attend the​ weekly Weight Watchers meetings without fail. I think in​ 8 months I've only missed two due to​ being out of​ town on​ business and unable to​ get to​ a​ meeting. Though,​ when I know I'm going to​ be out of​ town,​ I will usually at​ the​ very least go the​ day before and weigh in.

5. I weigh and measure my food. I learned quickly that what my eye thinks is​ 2 ounces usually is​ a​ lot more. I'm not consistent about this but more often than not I do weigh or​ measure what I'm eating and drinking.

4. I track my points. I write down what I eat. I hear Flora in​ my head saying,​ "You bite it,​ you write it." I've learned that when I slack off from writing everything down,​ I either don't lose or​ I gain weight that week. Again,​ my eyes are not a​ good judge of​ quantity.

3. I work out 4 times per week. Before Weight Watchers I took Pilates classes 3 times per week. Though I was getting stronger,​ I was not losing weight. in​ fact I was gaining weight due to​ hormones,​ a​ sedentary job and eating too much. I switched to​ 2 days of​ Pilates and 2 days of​ cardio workout. I started the​ cardio workout the​ same day I joined Weight Watchers and I know it​ has make a​ big difference. Last week I even started walking to​ my Pilates studio since it's only a​ 10 minute walk. Up until now I've been driving,​ if​ you can believe that.

2. I have a​ buddy. My dear friend and I joined Weight Watchers together,​ as​ well as​ joined the​ gym together. we​ go to​ the​ meetings together. we​ work out 2 times per week together. we​ talk about food and how we're doing all the​ time. we​ evangelize about Weight Watchers. Without my buddy I don't think I would have stayed with the​ program. No,​ I know I would not have stayed with the​ program.

1. And number 1. I made the​ decision to​ join Weight Watchers. I had heard a​ lot of​ success stories about Weight Watchers and after putting on​ 30 pounds over the​ course of​ 3 years,​ I decided it​ was time to​ take action. I had been telling myself it​ was age and hormones that contributed to​ the​ weight gain and that may be partly true,​ but I had to​ take action and do something so I could feel good about myself,​ my body and my health.

That's it. There are probably more things that could be added to​ this list. Now my challenge goal is​ to​ maintain for 6 weeks and get to​ Lifetime Member.

Oh,​ I just remembered one more thing I did. I read an​ article,​ I think on​ Weight Watchers Online,​ about rewarding yourself when you do well. So I set up a​ savings account and deposited $10 every time I lost a​ pound. I call it​ the​ "Pamper Me" account. Now,​ I will add $10 every week I maintain my weight. Then,​ eventually,​ I'll do something wonderful to​ pamper myself!

Good luck and best wishes to​ you in​ your journey to​ weight loss!

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