Weight Training For Golfers Is The Missing Link To A Great Game

Weight Training For Golfers Is The Missing Link To A Great Game

Weight training for golfers may sound exhausting to​ you and even an​ oxymoron,​ but I can tell you it’s not a​ secret anymore. Weight training for golfers is​ a​ must if​ you want to​ achieve your highest level of​ golf performance.

You don’t need to​ fear it! Embrace it​ and realize you will not only play your best golf…you will feel better than you have in​ years! I receive dozens of​ emails everyday from golfers who were skeptical,​ but gave it​ a​ shot and their results are amazing!

Worst case scenario for some of​ them is​ better health. the​ time you spend working on​ your golf swing technique is​ critical to​ your success. Some of​ these golfers embarked on​ one of​ my weight training for golfers programs and didn’t put any time on​ the​ range.

The result for just a​ small percent of​ them was more energy,​ less aches and pains,​ and a​ dramatic drop in​ bodyweight. Needless to​ say they were still more than thrilled they did it.

But for the​ majority of​ these golfers I hear from have results that have evened amazed me. Increases of​ up to​ 50 yards on​ their drives! Slashing their handicaps by up to​ 8 strokes! And even winning their Club Championships!

These are very exciting emails to​ receive…and it’s proof that weight training for golfers DOES work! I can say with every fiber in​ my body,​ that if​ you improve your body’s ability to​ move from both a​ strength and flexibility standpoint,​ it​ is​ virtually impossible to​ not see improvement in​ your golf swing and game.

Don’t you think if​ you could make just a​ little bigger backswing you would hit it​ further? Or,​ if​ your lower back muscles were a​ tad bit stronger,​ you wouldn’t walk off the​ course with an​ aching back? I know you’ll agree with me.

Weight training for golfers is​ not going into a​ gym and plopping down on​ a​ machine. This does nothing for your golf game! Golf is​ played “on your feet”,​ and in​ a​ very dynamic position (golf posture),​ that requires a​ unique set of​ muscular strength,​ endurance and flexibility.

The right program is​ one that involves balance and coordination exercises,​ along with sequence of​ motion movements with resistance. This resistance can be as​ simple as​ exercise tubing,​ hand weights,​ or​ even weighted medicine balls.

Just take a​ look at​ the​ demands the​ golf swing puts on​ your body and you’ll soon realize your weight training for golfers program needs to​ be dynamic. One that incorporates movements similar to​ your golf swing in​ both body positions and movement patterns.

Seek out a​ qualified golf trainer who has a​ proven track record with golfers. One of​ the​ most affordable ways is​ to​ search for golf fitness,​ golf training or​ even golf exercises.

Remember if​ you use google,​ which is​ maybe how you found this article,​ the​ first few colored results at​ the​ very top are “paid advertisements”. the​ ones with the​ white background are the​ organic or​ real search results.

There are many choices out there. Just do your research and you’ll be on​ your way to​ starting your weight training for golfers program.

Weight Training For Golfers Is The Missing Link To A Great Game

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