Weight Training For Golf In Your Own Home

Weight training for golf is​ viewed by golfers as​ a​ lot of​ work,​ time-consuming,​ boring and you need a​ gym membership to​ do it. None of​ the​ above is​ true,​ and if​ you read this article,​ I’ll explain why.

You see…weight training for golf isn’t on​ machines anyways…so that eliminates the​ requirement of​ a​ gym. It’s not a​ lot of​ work,​ if​ you pick and choose the​ area you want to​ focus on. It’s not time-consuming if​ you do it​ in​ the​ convenience of​ your home,​ and have a​ plan of​ action. And lastly,​ it​ can be a​ lot of​ fun,​ when you use bands,​ exercise balls and training equipment specific to​ golf.

There many “so-called” weight training for golf programs,​ but when you take a​ look at​ them,​ you’ll see pictures of​ golfers sitting on​ their butts in​ a​ machine. I don’t know about you,​ but I think golf is​ done “on your feet”,​ right?

Weight training for golf is​ close to​ becoming “mainstream” with the​ golfing community. we​ see and hear all the​ pros doing it​ and playing their best golf; so why wouldn’t we​ amateurs do it​ also?

There are so many reasons why to​ participate in​ a​ weight training for golf program,​ that you can’t overlook it​ and say you don’t need it.

Lacking power in​ your swing? It’s because your body can’t produce any stored energy from a​ full backswing with torque in​ your core. That’s a​ ‘physical’ issue,​ not mechanical.

Is your golf swing inconsistent from one swing to​ the​ next? Swing faults originate from some deeper physical limitation that’s not allowing you to​ make a​ mechanically sound and repeatable swing. How many times have you taken a​ lesson and heard your pro say,​ “you need to​ make a​ full backswing”,​ but you just can’t physically do it? That’s a​ ‘physical’ issue,​ not mechanical.

How about injuries? Do you have one at​ the​ moment? the​ golf swing is​ physically damaging to​ the​ body if​ you don’t have enough strength and flexibility to​ withstand the​ force the​ golf swing puts on​ it. Swinging a​ 3 foot long lever (club) at​ up to​ 90 mph is​ unbelievably stressful on​ the​ joints,​ ligaments,​ tendons and muscles of​ the​ body. That’s a​ ‘physical’ issue,​ not mechanical.

I could go on​ and on,​ but I think you might get the​ idea by now.

Weight training for golf may be your “missing link” to​ your best game ever! if​ you’ve tried all the​ ‘other’ methods,​ this is​ the​ ONLY one left. Why wouldn’t you explore the​ possibilities a​ little more?

If you’re looking to​ add power to​ your golf swing; improve your consistency; and prevent golf injuries,​ then you’ve got to​ consider weight training for golf.

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