Weight The Thanksgiving Hangover

The feasting is​ over. the​ turkey has disappeared: roasted and hot,​ microwaved leftovers,​ then cold sandwiches and eventually croquettes or​ thrown into soup.

You climb on​ the​ scale with trepidation and breathe a​ long sigh of​ relief when the​ dreaded poundage fails to​ appear. Before you relax and think you got away with it,​ remember that your sneaky little body is​ playing its usual tricks. Two or​ three days of​ Spartan eating will make you feel virtuous again -until you step on​ the​ scale and find you've gained 5 pounds. "Fraud" you shriek. "I've been so good!"

Remember the​ holiday feast? it​ has finally caught up with you as​ you knew,​ deep down,​ that it​ would.

What to​ do?

We all need brief periods of​ self-indulgence - it's part of​ the​ human condition. Expect a​ setback on​ your weight loss goals and let that knowledge mitigate your disappointment. Then continue on​ your diet with the​ assurance that a​ special occasion blip doesn't define your future. Enjoy the​ memories of​ a​ family gathering while carefully planning your next week's intake.

Appreciate what you have accomplished so far and avoid loading yourself down with guilt and self-reproach.

Get back on​ your program as​ quickly as​ possible because (sorry to​ bring this up now) Christmas is​ coming and the​ goose is​ getting fat.

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