Weight Management Advice For All Star Signs

Take a​ break from the​ serious side of​ dieting and see how the​ planets affect your weight. of​ course,​ astrology cannot offer a​ scientific answer to​ obesity,​ but you may be surprised at​ how closely you fit the​ description for your star sign. Who knows,​ maybe the​ stars do have an​ influence over your eating habits and your general approach to​ dieting. Check out the​ advice for your star sign below,​ and see how closely you fit the​ profile.

AQUARIUS (20 Jan - 18 Feb)

Advice: Look for maximum support and avoid over-strict diets.

Overweight Aquarians are typically drawn to​ the​ mysterious. So initially they may be tempted by fad diets,​ supplements and food combining. Usually however,​ they end up choosing a​ more healthy diet,​ and because they tend to​ be optimistic and independent,​ they don't quit easily. Even so,​ they need flexibility in​ their diet,​ as​ they do not like being pinned down. Also,​ the​ unpredictable nature of​ many Aquarians means they can flip from being a​ perfect dieter one day to​ a​ binge eater the​ next! Lastly,​ being private people,​ they tend not to​ join support groups - which can be a​ disadvantage. For best results,​ they should choose a​ flexible eating plan combined with an​ online support group where they can share their ups and downs without losing their privacy.

PISCES (19 Feb - 20 Mar)

Advice: if​ you're overweight,​ don't ignore the​ problem. Find a​ good incentive.

It's not uncommon for Piscean dieters to​ say one thing,​ but then do the​ opposite! So their eating habits don't always match their good intentions! That said,​ they are good organizers and once they start a​ diet they plan it​ well. Since they enjoy their food,​ they should choose a​ diet plan with plenty of​ variety. And for best effect,​ they should use their wonderful imagination to​ visualize how they will look when they reach their goal. Alas,​ Pisceans don't find it​ easy to​ start dieting. Often they depend on​ someone else to​ suggest it​ to​ them. Support is​ crucial for them as​ they are easily distracted. One critical comment can destroy their motivation,​ while even a​ minor amount of​ stress can drive them to​ bingeing. Despite this,​ young Pisceans tend to​ lose weight quite easily once they develop a​ rhythm. However,​ older Pisceans tend to​ gain weight easily. to​ minimize this,​ they should take action as​ soon as​ they start gaining in​ order to​ prevent obesity in​ later years.

ARIES (21 March - 19 April)

Advice: Be patient when dieting. Find a​ buddy or​ others to​ keep you on​ track.

Ariens are often very interested in​ their health and appearance,​ so they hate being overweight. But although they tend to​ start a​ diet with enormous enthusiasm,​ unless they achieve rapid success they are tempted to​ give up and move on​ to​ something new - maybe another diet. Their dislike of​ restrictions as​ well as​ their impulsive nature can make it​ difficult for them to​ stick to​ a​ diet for very long. Yet if​ they apply their many positive qualities,​ and get support,​ they can be very successful. Not least because Ariens love a​ challenge and have a​ great desire to​ succeed. to​ summarize,​ providing they accept their dieting weaknesses and take steps to​ overcome them - for example,​ by getting plenty of​ support - Arien dieters can achieve great success.

TAURUS (20 April-20 May)

Advice: Don't go too long without food. Make exercise fun.

Taureans are too realistic to​ be attracted to​ fad diets or​ other weight loss gimmicks. And their methodical nature means that dieting comes easier to​ them. Furthermore,​ their normal patience ensures that they stay on​ track even if​ their weight loss is​ slow. However,​ typical Taureans tend to​ lose weight quite slowly,​ often because they have a​ slow metabolism and don't really enjoy exercise. Also,​ a​ minority of​ Taureans can become very "set" in​ their ways,​ and may not find it​ easy to​ change their lifestyle. Where it​ occurs,​ Taurean obesity tends to​ be the​ result of​ a​ sweet tooth,​ a​ love of​ rich food and occasionally a​ self-indulgent streak. So eating regularly throughout the​ day will prove especially beneficial for them. Due to​ their dislike of​ exercise,​ they should join a​ fitness group for optimum support.

GEMINI (21 May - 20 June)

Advice: Set yourself realistic goals. Join a​ weight loss support group.

Despite the​ fact that Geminis tend to​ have a​ fast metabolism and burn calories quite quickly,​ this does not always guarantee success. This is​ due to​ their fickle nature,​ their impatience and occasionally their unrealistic expectations. Ideally,​ they should choose a​ Taurean diet buddy to​ help keep them on​ track. Even so,​ Geminis have many positive qualities that help them to​ lose weight. Their optimism and love of​ change can inspire them to​ embrace the​ necessary lifestyle changes. For best results,​ they should seek support to​ help them stay cool if​ and when weight loss slows down,​ and try to​ curb their natural tendency to​ weigh themselves every day!

CANCER (21 June -22 July)

Advice: It's vital you have a​ powerful incentive to​ lose weight.

Overweight Cancerians can spend years worrying about their size and shape without taking remedial action. One reason for this is​ that they LOVE to​ feed themselves and others! So the​ idea of​ following a​ rigid calorie-controlled diet is​ not attractive to​ them,​ especially for more moody Cancerians with a​ tendency to​ eat for comfort. That said,​ patience is​ the​ greatest Cancerian asset. So once they commit to​ a​ diet and exercise program,​ Cancerians are very tenacious and tend to​ persevere until they reach their goals. But they must have a​ good incentive to​ lose weight,​ and they must choose a​ diet plan which suits their lifestyle and offers a​ wide variety of​ foods.

LEO (23 July - 22 August)

Advice: Don't be distracted by fad diets.

When it​ comes to​ losing weight,​ Leos greatest strengths can be their greatest weaknesses. For example,​ if​ things go well,​ their enthusiasm and desire to​ succeed can make weight loss quite easy for them. But if​ they encounter difficulties and fail to​ meet their high standards,​ they often become despondent and quit. This is​ aggravated by the​ Leo desire for excitement,​ which increases their weakness for fad diets or​ other plans that promise "instant weight loss." to​ combat this,​ it​ is​ particularly important for Leos to​ choose a​ healthy diet program that offers reliable weight loss,​ plus enough support to​ help them bounce back if​ they experience "bad days" or​ "bad weeks".

VIRGO (23 August - 22 Sept)

Advice: Be realistic! Don't expect to​ lose weight too fast.

Similar to​ Leos,​ Virgo dieters can struggle to​ lose weight despite their positive qualities. On the​ one hand they are gifted with great practicality,​ attention to​ detail and high standards,​ which leads them to​ choose sensible diets and which may give them great strength of​ purpose. On the​ other,​ they expect too much of​ themselves,​ which can be their downfall. if​ they don't lose weight fast enough,​ either they feel too miserable and quit,​ or​ else they cut corners,​ eat too little and end up bingeing. to​ overcome this,​ Virgos should join a​ diet forum or​ support group which might help them to​ channel their energy and cope with occasional disappointments.

LIBRA (23 Sept - 22 Oct)

Advice: Boost your self-discipline by joining diet and exercise groups.

Librans tend to​ have a​ slower metabolism and may gain weight relatively easily. This is​ aggravated by their laid-back attitude,​ dislike of​ exercise and the​ Libran sweet tooth! On the​ other hand,​ Librans are very aware of​ their appearance and appreciate that in​ order to​ maintain their looks they need to​ eat healthily and take regular exercise. Once motivated they adapt well to​ new routines. For best results,​ Librans should avoid being tempted by any plan that promises "effortless" or​ "ultra-fast" weight loss,​ and choose a​ more realistic program. in​ addition,​ they should join an​ exercise group or​ gym to​ help them get a​ regular workout.

SCORPIO (23 Oct - 21 Nov)

Advice: Ease up. Don't worry so much. You're a​ natural winner.

Weight reduction tends to​ be easier for Scorpios than any other star sign. This is​ because Scorpios are positive,​ well-organized,​ determined and willing to​ follow a​ new diet regimen. if​ they have a​ weakness,​ it​ is​ their need to​ completely immerse themselves in​ their weight loss program. So if​ sudden obstacles appear,​ which prevent them from giving their utmost,​ some Scorpios can quickly become restless and dissatisfied. Also,​ in​ an​ attempt to​ lose weight as​ fast as​ possible,​ they can overdo things. They may reduce calories too far,​ or​ take too much exercise. if​ they avoid these traps,​ Scorpios typically achieve great success.

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov - 21 Dec)

Advice: Focus on​ your diet and get plenty of​ exercise support.

When it​ comes to​ losing weight,​ Sagittarians have one major handicap: they try to​ take on​ too much. They are quite capable of​ starting a​ new diet and a​ new job at​ the​ same time. as​ a​ result,​ despite great enthusiasm and a​ genuine desire to​ finish what they start,​ they can't give their diet the​ attention it​ requires. Result? the​ wheels come off. This situation is​ aggravated by Sagittarian impatience and an​ undomesticated nature. For best results,​ Sagittarians should limit their commitments,​ choose a​ diet which offers simple recipes and enough online support to​ help them overcome their periodic restlessness. a​ fun exercise program,​ such as​ an​ aerobic dance class,​ is​ especially beneficial for Sagittarians.

CAPRICORN (22 Dec - 19 Jan)

Advice: Go with the​ flow and learn to​ accept help.

Capricorns have a​ number of​ wonderful qualities. Extremely single-minded,​ well-organized and able to​ sacrifice everything to​ achieve their goals,​ Capricorns rarely have problems losing weight,​ provided they are motivated. However,​ they do not take advice easily,​ nor do they look for help,​ so if​ they experience problems - like a​ weight loss plateau,​ a​ sudden loss of​ motivation,​ or​ a​ weekend binge - they can find it​ difficult to​ recover. So for best results,​ Capricorns should be more prepared to​ take advice and seek support. as​ far as​ specific plans are concerned,​ a​ practical diet with strict rules is​ ideal.

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