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Why Losing Weight is​ Good
There is​ a​ great benefit acquired from losing weight. Though losing weight is​ not easy,​ the​ long term effects brought by it​ would probably be of​ help to​ anyone considering to​ shed those unwanted and unhealthy pounds.
The following are a​ few of​ the​ remarkable advantages from losing those excess weight.
Weight loss prevents high blood pressure,​ heart disease and stroke
That is​ a​ three in​ one benefit from losing weight. it​ is​ a​ fact that heart disease and stroke are one of​ the​ primary reasons for disability and death in​ both men and women in​ the​ US. People who are overweight have a​ higher risk to​ have high levels of​ cholesterol in​ their blood stream as​ well as​ triglycerides also known as​ blood fat.
Angina,​ one type of​ heart disease,​ could cause chest pains as​ well as​ a​ decrease in​ the​ oxygen pumped to​ the​ heart.
Sudden death also occurs from heart disease and stroke,​ and usually this strikes with very little warning,​ signs and symptoms.
It is​ a​ fact that by decreasing your weight by a​ mere five to​ ten percent,​ this could positively decrease the​ chances of​ you having or​ developing heart disease or​ a​ stroke. Plus,​ how your heart functions would also improve as​ well as​ your blood pressure,​ cholesterol and triglyceride count will decrease.
Weight loss prevents type 2 diabetes
Diabetes puts in​ jeopardy one’s life as​ well as​ how one leads his or​ her life because of​ the​ complications that result from having it. Both types of​ diabetes,​ type one and type two are linked with being overweight. to​ those who already have diabetes,​ regular exercise and losing weight could help in​ controlling your blood sugar levels as​ well as​ the​ medication you may be currently taking. Increase your physical activity. You could simply walk,​ jog or​ dance. it​ helps get those blood streams moving as​ well as​ lose those unnecessary pounds.
Weight loss helps reduce your risk for cancer
Being overweight is​ linked with a​ number of​ kinds of​ cancer. Specially for women,​ the​ common types of​ cancer that is​ associated with being overweight include cancer of​ the​ uterus,​ gallbladder,​ ovary,​ breast,​ and colon. This is​ not meant to​ scare you,​ this is​ only to​ keep you informed. Men are at​ risk too from developing cancer if​ they are overweight. These include cancer of​ the​ colon,​ prostate and rectum. Extra weight,​ a​ diet high in​ fat and cholesterol should as​ much as​ possible be avoided.
Weight loss reduces sleep apnea
Or it​ could eliminate it​ all together. Sleep apnea is​ a​ condition wherein one could temporarily stop breathing for a​ brief period and then would continue to​ snore heavily. Sleep apnea could cause drowsiness or​ sleepiness during the​ day and because of​ being overweight could result in​ heart failure. Shedding those excess pounds could help in​ eliminating this problem.
Weight loss reduces the​ pain of​ osteoarthritis
When one weighs heavily,​ the​ joints of​ his or​ her knees,​ hips and lower back would have to​ exert double if​ not triple effort to​ carry him or​ her through out his / her waking,​ walking and moving life. This could cause tension and stress on​ these joints. Weight loss decreases the​ load these joints carry thus decreasing if​ not eliminating the​ pain of​ one who has osteoarthritis.
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