Weight Loss With Acupuncture Can Acupuncture Help You Lose Weight

In recent years,​ more and more people are trying out acupuncture to​ lose weight. Just what is​ acupuncture? How can acupuncture treatment help you lose weight?

Acupuncture is​ a​ branch of​ traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and has been around for about 5,​000 years. it​ is​ the​ practice of​ inserting very thin needles to​ stimulate pathways or​ meridians in​ the​ body to​ treat many illnesses and diseases especially to​ relieve pain from chronic disorders.

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners or​ TCM physicians claim that acupuncture can help you to​ lose body fat by making you feel full and so will eat less. This curbs excess caloric consumption in​ the​ patient treated with acupuncture and is​ a​ great help in​ the​ patient’s weight loss program.

Acupuncture treatment can also be used to​ raise your metabolic rate and help you to​ burn more calories to​ speed up weight loss. Some Chinese medicine practitioners say that acupuncture stimulates the​ production of​ a​ hormone called endorphins and this hormone helps to​ lower body fat,​ insulin and lipid levels in​ the​ bloodstream thus less insulin is​ converted into body fat.

Acupuncture is​ not a​ miracle cure for obesity. TCM physicians often stress that to​ achieve good weight loss results from your program and maintaining your weight,​ acupuncture treatment alone is​ not enough. to​ lose weight effectively and keep the​ fats off permanently,​ acupuncture treatment must be combined with healthy eating habits and regular exercises.

Before you begin your acupuncture treatment,​ your Chinese physician will conduct a​ medical examination on​ you by checking your pulse and examination of​ your tongue to​ ensure that you are suitable for acupuncture weight loss treatment. This is​ because TCM is​ a​ holistic branch of​ health care and do not just specifically target the​ ailment or​ medical complaint. So an​ investigation into other reasons why a​ patient is​ obese is​ necessary to​ solve the​ problem holistically.

If you want to​ lose weight naturally and without drugs,​ why not try TCM acupuncture for your weight loss program?

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