Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Here are 10 tips for helping to​ lose weight by using healthier meals and 10 tips for helping when you are eating out.

10 Tips for a​ better healthier meal

When it​ comes to​ cooking a​ meal for the​ family,​ don’t let your diet take a​ back seat. Just because you’re on​ a​ diet and the​ rest of​ your family are not does not mean that you have to​ eat a​ different meal. There are times when you have to​ draw the​ line e.g. Christmas lunch,​ Sunday lunch and family gatherings. Take a​ look at​ some of​ the​ suggestion below for a​ healthier meal:

1. Try steaming or​ boiling your vegetables instead of​ frying or​ casseroling,​ also stay away from using cheese based dishes. Try to​ use herbs and lemon juice instead of​ butter or​ margarine.

2. Cooking with chickens can pose as​ a​ bit of​ a​ problem,​ although chicken is​ very healthy in​ its self,​ containing half the​ fat of​ red meat. Don’t go for the​ easy option of​ breaded chicken fingers or​ nuggets this is​ very unhealthy. Try roasting or​ steaming your chicken in​ a​ non stick pan,​ and eliminate the​ use of​ oil by using a​ cooking spray. Beware of​ the​ chicken skin as​ this is​ very fattening,​ try to​ buy a​ skinless chicken or​ remove the​ skin prior to​ cooking.

3. Watch out for different types of​ bread,​ stay away from white bread as​ it​ is​ full of​ sugar. Try to​ go for wholemeal bread,​ seeded bread and whole grain bread. Also look for brown rice,​ wild rice and basmati rice,​ the​ tastes are not all that different from white rice and have a​ much lower starch content.

4. When buying meats like pork and beef,​ try to​ buy lean and extra lean. Try some cuts like fillet and sirloin,​ these have less fat content than the​ other cuts. Roasting,​ grilling and dry frying are healthy methods of​ cooking meat. Once again try to​ use a​ cooking spray instead of​ cooking oil.

5. if​ you're preparing turkey,​ why not try cooking the​ stuffing separate. You will reduce the​ fat content by preventing the​ turkey fat from absorbing into the​ dressing. Be sure to​ use less margarine or​ butter when making the​ stuffing. Also don't forget to​ skim the​ fat off of​ the​ gravy. Leave the​ drumsticks for the​ kids; as​ with chicken,​ choose light meat over dark and you'll save a​ lot in​ the​ calorie department.

6. Why not try serving fruit as​ a​ dessert? Serving fruit instead of​ pie or​ cake can make a​ massive reduction in​ the​ amount of​ calories you find in​ your meal. Instead of​ cake and pie,​ try serving a​ whole piece of​ fruit,​ some yogurt or​ a​ fruit cocktail. You will usually find that we​ don’t need a​ dessert and have one just because of​ habit. I think you will be surprised at​ how fruit can substitute the​ sweet tooth in​ a​ dessert.

7. if​ you must have an​ ice-cream try a​ sugar free ice-cream of​ low fat frozen yogurt. Instead of​ topping with chocolate sauce or​ caramel,​ try some mixed fruit cocktail. the​ taste of​ the​ ice-cream is​ almost identical and the​ sugar from the​ fruit stops the​ sweet craving. All in​ all it’s fewer calories than the​ full sugar and chocolate variety.

8. When cooking save yourself a​ lot of​ calories by using powdered milk. By doing this you will save on​ a​ lot of​ fat and calories. Also by using skimmed milk instead of​ cream in​ your favourite cream based recipes can also save on​ the​ calories.

9. Try some substitutions in​ your cooking. Use 3 tablespoons of​ unsweetened cocoa powder to​ replace 1 ounce of​ unsweetened chocolate in​ your desserts,​ replace 1 egg with 2 egg whites or​ ¼ cup of​ egg substitute,​ replace half of​ the​ oil in​ dessert recipes with an​ equal amount of​ unsweetened applesauce,​ try reduced or​ non-fat frozen yogurt or​ sugar free ice cream on​ pies.

10. if​ you still find yourself hungry after your meal and you do want to​ tempt your self to​ seconds,​ then go for the​ vegetables. Choosing steamed vegetables over meat and bread is​ far healthier.

10 Tips for eating out when on​ your Diet

1. For a​ starter,​ try and keep it​ light maybe a​ prawn cocktail or​ a​ side salad. Make an​ effort to​ stay away from creamy starters and red meats.

2. if​ you are a​ pasta lover and find it​ hard not to​ eat endless amounts. You must try and stay with a​ single portion. Also don’t worry if​ you leave a​ little no one will persecute you for it,​ especially not your body.

3. When ordering a​ meat dish,​ always go for the​ chicken. Stay away from fried chicken. Always go for boiled,​ grilled or​ steamed. if​ you must ask for red meat,​ be sure to​ ask the​ waiter for a​ nice lean piece.

4. if​ you don’t see anything on​ the​ menu,​ that is​ cooked to​ your liking. Ask the​ waiter if​ it​ would be possible for the​ chef to​ cook you a​ dish with say,​ boiled or​ grilled chicken,​ instead of​ fried. Don’t be embarrassed at​ this request as​ you will not be the​ first or​ the​ last to​ ask for it.

5. Avoid the​ temptation of​ cream sauce,​ butter,​ oil,​ batter and home made gravy.

6. if​ you do not like leaving your food,​ then you can always ask the​ waiter,​ to​ wrap it​ up so you can take it​ home afterwards.

7. if​ you are a​ take away person as​ I am. When you serve your take away at​ home,​ only serve half of​ it,​ and keep the​ other half for the​ next day or​ for another family member. Willpower is​ the​ key here!

8. if​ you know where you are going for your evening meal. Why not ring the​ restaurant and ask them to​ post a​ menu out to​ you,​ or​ go and pick one up. Now you can give the​ menu a​ good read and find out the​ best meal to​ suit you. When you arrive at​ the​ restaurant,​ your choice is​ already made and a​ healthier one it​ will be.

9. Buffets are the​ worst of​ all restaurant temptations. You must know your portion control. Try and have only one plate. Once again the​ key factor here is​ will power!

10. When the​ day comes for you to​ go out for your meal,​ try to​ eat smaller meals during the​ day,​ then you can keep an​ eye on​ the​ calories for the​ day and evening. However do try to​ remember not to​ starve yourself as​ you may just end up eating like a​ horse,​ which is​ never a​ good diet tip.

Weight Loss Tips

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