Weight Loss Tips From Real Women

Weight Loss Tips From Real Women

Everyone has their favorite weight loss tips. Here's a​ handful of​ diet suggestions from real women who claim they really work.

I drink a​ full 12 ounce glass of​ water before I sit down to​ eat. it​ fills me up and I don't eat as​ much at​ meals. - Monica,​ 22

My secret weapon is​ sugarless gum. Whenever I have the​ urge for a​ snack or​ something sweet,​ I pop it​ into my mouth and start chewing. Works like a​ charm every time. -Maddi,​ 43

Knitting works wonders. I used to​ snack like a​ pig while I watched T.V. at​ night. Since I started knitting,​ I've lost almost ten pounds,​ and I know it's because my hands are too busy to​ pop stuff in​ my mouth. -Liz,​ 25

It tastes horrible,​ but it​ really works. My grandmother told me to​ take one teaspoon of​ cider vinegar before every meal to​ eat up the​ fats. - Diane,​ 21

Peer support! There's nothing like feeling guilty for letting your friends down to​ make you get out and go exercise. I make dates to​ play tennis or​ go for a​ walk - no backing out when someone else is​ counting on​ me. -Cara,​ 22

All right,​ this is​ going to​ sound really silly but - when I have to​ lose weight,​ I only eat foods that I can eat with chopsticks. I'm not very good with them so -- I don't eat a​ lot. -Lisa,​ 32

When I'm sitting in​ traffic or​ at​ my desk,​ I do tummy tightening exercises. Just pull in​ your tummy,​ hold for a​ count of​ 20,​ and release. Do that about twenty times and you can really feel it. - Sheila,​ 52

Water. I drink lots and lots of​ water when I'm on​ a​ diet. it​ helps flush out the​ system and keeps me feeling fresh. it​ also helps with the​ bad breath I get when I'm on​ a​ high protein diet. - Dena,​ 34

I'm always rushing out the​ door and forgetting breakfast,​ and then I end up snacking at​ my desk halfway through the​ morning. Now I keep a​ box of​ Carnation Instant Breakfast in​ the​ break room,​ and fix myself one as​ soon as​ I get to​ work. No more craving goodies at​ 11 am. -Deb,​ 45

When I'm dieting,​ I keep fresh fruits and veggies all cut up and ready to​ go in​ little snack containers. if​ I went to​ all the​ work of​ making them,​ I'll eat them instead of​ grabbing a​ bag of​ chips on​ the​ go. -Amy,​ 16

I strip down naked and look at​ myself in​ the​ mirror at​ least once a​ week. It's easy to​ see the​ progress I made,​ and how much I still need to​ go. Vinnie,​ 34

I buy myself something really slinky and hang it​ where I can see it​ every day. the​ trick is​ that it​ can only be about one size too small - if​ it's any smaller than that,​ I just give up. But if​ the​ goal is​ just “that” close,​ it's a​ real motivator. -Shanae,​ 24

Got a​ favorite diet tip? Make your own list,​ or​ ask your friends to​ fill in​ a​ few. the​ more strategies you have to​ help you stay on​ your diet,​ the​ more likely you are to​ be successful.

Weight Loss Tips From Real Women

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