Weight Loss Tip 9 Dont Be A New Years Casualty

Weight Loss Tip 9 Dont Be A New Years Casualty

I got so caught up in​ this year's fitness goals that I completely forgot about something that I usually brace myself for this time of​ year.

But no sooner had I stepped into my gym a​ week or​ two ago than I was sharply reminded of​ it.

Reminded of​ what?,​ you may ask.

The New Year's Resolution crowd.

They come every year like snowbirds to​ Florida; they're so predictable,​ that I can literally set my watch by them at​ the​ stroke of​ midnight each New Year's Eve.

And they're so easy to​ tell from everyone else,​ too. They show up in​ January in​ flocks and droves so thick that there is​ literally a​ line in​ front of​ every piece of​ equipment at​ the​ gym.

Then around mid to​ late March they start disappearing one by one like game birds being picked off by hunters. By April,​ they're pretty much all gone.

These seasonal "birds" are the​ joke of​ the​ gym every hunting season.

The question is,​ will YOU be one of​ them?

Because you certainly don't have to​ be. Everyone who's in​ shape now was once someone who was just getting started or​ getting back on​ the​ horse after "letting themselves go" a​ bit. So getting a​ fresh start is​ nothing to​ be ashamed about.

In fact,​ it​ should be applauded. Getting started new and fresh means that you have stepped up to​ the​ plate to​ do something that so many people at​ home just are not willing to​ do for themselves.

The trick is​ not to​ let it​ all end just as​ quickly as​ it​ started.

I'll give you the​ secret to​ being the​ last man or​ woman standing when everyone else has "flown back north" because they couldn't hack it.

Set your weight loss and fitness goals NOW. Make them as​ specific as​ possible. the​ dress or​ waist size you want,​ your perfect weight,​ the​ outfit you want to​ wear,​ the​ reaction you want to​ get. Write it​ all out.

Studies have shown that written goals are more than twice as​ likely to​ become reality than those that are not.

Then when you go in​ the​ gym,​ forget about everybody else. You heard me right---EVERYBODY.

Don't pay any attention to​ those toned physiques that look like they must have taken years to​ put together. Pay no mind to​ the​ show-off in​ the​ corner doing some fancy upside-down exercise with chains,​ ropes,​ and 2 machines. They aren't your concern.

Its all about you.

Your body. Your goals. Your workout. Your results.

Go ahead and take that "before" picture. Look at​ it​ everyday as​ you work away from the​ old and toward the​ new you.

If you can just make it​ through the​ first few months you've greatly increased your chances of​ being around for the​ long haul.

Don't cheat yourself by being on​ of​ this year's gym casulties.

...And if​ you can't make it​ to​ a​ gym,​ that's all the​ better. Do the​ YourBestBodyNOW 15 Minute Workout at​ home and find a​ place close to​ home to​ get in​ your cardio.

The only thing that can keep you away from your goals is​ you.

Don't allow that to​ happen.

Start this year strong and dig as​ deep as​ you can to​ make sure that you keep it​ up until you get exactly what you want. You can do it,​ I know you can.

To YourBestBody,​

Lawrence Cole
Your Lifestyle and Fitness Coach

Weight Loss Tip 9 Dont Be A New Years Casualty

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