Weight Loss Tip 8 Have Your Cake And Burn It Off Too

Weight Loss Tip 8 Have Your Cake And Burn It Off Too

With Christmas less than a​ week away,​ the​ holiday season is​ almost over,​ but the​ holiday EATING for most people will last for nearly another month.

I could try and tell you how to​ not eat anything but lettuce and fruit while the​ rest of​ the​ family is​ enjoying succulent hams,​ delicious cakes,​ and scrumptious pies; but that would be a​ waste of​ time,​ wouldn't it?

Besides,​ if​ you've been "good" all year with your eating habits (haven't you?),​ why shouldn't you get to​ enjoy some of​ that wonderful holiday food?

But what about your weight?

Your waistline?

I can show you how to​ manage that. the​ trick is​ to​ not get so carried away with all that food that all your weight loss and fitness efforts go down the​ tube.

How is​ that done?

It's pretty simple,​ actually. Just like any successful undertaking in​ life,​ it​ all comes down to​ a​ few rules that are geared toward helping you reach your goal. Keeping yourself together after sampling a​ veritable feast is​ no different.

In this case,​ there are just a​ few things you need to​ keep in​ mind and follow:

1) Don't munch yourself into a​ coma day after day. Choose 3 or​ 4 designated days through the​ REST of​ the​ season to​ "do your thing" at​ the​ table,​ and practice restraint on​ the​ rest.

2) On your big eating days,​ plan a​ morning cardio workout that is​ about an​ hour long. Why an​ hour? Sixty minutes of​ cardiovascular activity at​ the​ start of​ your day will keep your metabolism elevated well into the​ afternoon. it​ doesn't matter what you do---the gym,​ walking around the​ block,​ jogging with the​ dog---whatever. Just plan to​ do an​ hour of​ SOMETHING on​ each of​ those mornings.

3) Don't eat anything before your workouts. Just jump right into them with a​ bottle of​ water and don't allow yourself to​ be too interrupted until you are done. This will help you to​ get the​ most out of​ shedding some of​ the​ fat that is​ already stored on​ your body to​ give you a​ "head start" on​ the​ day's festivities.

4) This one is​ optional,​ but can make a​ difference if​ you stick to​ it. if​ you know that you just aren't going to​ be able to​ resist all those wonderful cakes and pies,​ try eating them with your entree's and pass on​ all or​ most of​ the​ starchy sides.

Remember,​ the​ goal here is​ not so much to​ lose weight,​ but to​ BREAK EVEN.

All you want to​ do is​ SURVIVE so that you don't blow up like a​ house and derail all of​ the​ work that you may have done up unto this point.

If you have any questions,​ feel free to​ email them to​ me at​ lawrence@yourbestbodynow.com

Happy Holidays!

To Your Best Body,​

Lawrence Cole

Your Lifestyle and Fitness Coach

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Weight Loss Tip 8 Have Your Cake And Burn It Off Too

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