Weight Loss Tip 4 Protecting Your Spine And Lower Back While You Lose Weight

When most people begin a​ Weight Loss program or​ diet plan so that they can tone up and/or lose weight,​ the​ often forget about the​ most important aspect of​ any exercise and diet program: Safety.

Although there are numerous ways in​ which exercising safely is​ beneficial to​ you,​ one of​ the​ most important and the​ least observed is​ concerning the spine and lower back.

There is​ nothing inherently wrong with spinal movement. However,​ problems tend to​ arise over time as​ a​ result of​ holding static positions such as​ sitting or​ standing with bad posture or​ not using proper body mechanics for lifting objects over a​ period of​ months and/or years.

Due to​ the​ above factors,​ a​ very large portion of​ the​ population eventually develops one form or​ another of​ complications with their lower spine and back.

Here are some ways that you can protect your lower back and spine area from injury and strain while exercising to​ tone up and lose weight:

  • Avoid bending over and lifting objects with your back muscles

    This is​ a​ common habit that wears down on​ the​ spine and lower back area by placing more tension on​ the​ area than it​ should be handling. as​ an​ alternative,​ bend fully at​ the​ kness when picking up objects of​ any significant weight and use the​ power of​ your larger,​ much stronger leg muscles to​ carry the​ majority of​ the​ weight load and give your lower back and spine a​ break.

  • Strengthen your abdominal muscles for additional back support

    The abdominal muscles are antagonist to​ the​ lower back,​ meaning that they stabilize movement at​ the​ back by providing a​ force in​ the​ opposite direction. They also have the​ potential to​ significantly reduce or​ even stop a​ force made on​ the​ back if​ they are strong enough.

Either way you slice it​ watching out for your spine is​ a​ crucial part of​ your weight loss program in​ that it​ keeps your body in​ good enough condition to​ continue your plan to​ help you tone and lose weight effectively.

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Weight Loss Tip 4 Protecting Your Spine And Lower Back While You Lose Weight Weight Loss Tip 4 Protecting Your Spine And Lower Back While You Lose
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