Weight Loss Tip 1 Why Most Fail And Only A Few Succeed At Being Fit

Weight Loss Tip 1 Why Most Fail And Only A Few Succeed At Being Fit

In the​ age of​ information,​ many of​ the​ principles of​ health and fitness have become all but common knowledge.

Nevertheless,​ there still is​ a​ very clear divide between those people who become successful and losing weight and/or staying fit and those who do not.

Why is​ that? And what can you do to​ improve your chances of​ being in​ the​ successful minority as​ opposed to​ the​ unsuccessful majority?

When it​ comes to​ the​ world of​ weight loss and being fit,​ there are generally two areas that help to​ determine what you can expect for your efforts.

1)Genetic Factors
2)Psychological Factors

Most of​ the​ information out there is​ geared around the​ Genetic factors and how to​ compensate for any natural shortcomings with a​ certain amount of​ physical activity and dieting.

One of​ the​ most popular topics along the​ lines of​ genetics is​ that of​ Body Type.

Anatomical body type is​ generally broken down into 3 basic groups: Ectomorphic,​ Mesomorphic,​ and Endomorphic.

Ectomorphic types are characterized as​ people with thin,​ up and down body frames who have the​ easiesttime keeping their weight under control. Basketball players and runway models will often fit into this category.

Mesomorphic body types are characterized as​ people with athletic frames and generally muscular,​ well-proportioned bodies. Bodybuilders and dancers will often fit in​ here.

Endomorphic body types tend to​ be generally round figures and will often have the​ most trouble in​ keeping unwanted weight off of​ their bodies.

Most of​ us are combinations of​ two or​ more of​ these types with one being more dominant than the​ others.

One important note about these anatomical types is​ that while they may give some insight to​ how you look on​ the​ outside,​ they can deceive us as​ to​ how healthy you are internally. Many people who may be "thin" are literally decaying inside due to​ bad habits (poor diet,​ smoking,​ lack of​ exercise).

By contrast,​ there are many people who are not stereotypically thin,​ but are pictures of​ healthy due to​ healthy lifestyles (proper nutrition,​ physical activity).

The general role of​ knowing your body type is​ to​ get an​ explanation of​ how your body will tend to​ respond to​ your diet and lifestyle in​ terms of​ how easy or​ challenging it​ may be for you to​ "hold it​ together" in​ certain areas. Another way of​ classifying your body is​ by which of​ your hormone-producing glands dominates the​ way you process nutrients in​ the​ food you eat.

These Glandular ("metabolic") types will fall into one of​ 4 categories: Adrenal,​ Thyroidal,​ Pituitary,​ or​ Gonadal. the​ explanation of​ each is​ very similar to​ that of​ the​ anatomical body types above. the​ adrenal type tends to​ correspond with the​ mesomorphic anatomical type. the​ thyroidal is​ similar to​ the​ ectomorphic,​ and the​ pituitary to​ the​ endomorphic.

The gonadal type is​ a​ women-only classification that is​ a​ hybrid of​ being slender on​ the​ top but somewhat larger below the​ waist with a​ greater amount of​ body fat. the​ gonadal body type among women is​ more commonly referred to​ as​ being "pear shaped".

There is​ a​ third type of​ body classification that you may come across that originated in​ Ancient India. it​ has to​ do with "Doshas" - how the​ energy fields of​ the​ earth and your physical mass interact to​ influence how you feel.

This is​ not directly related to​ the​ physical aspect of​ weight loss but tends to​ give you an​ idea on​ how what psychological advantages or​ challenges you may have when it​ comes to​ getting and staying fit.

This brings me to​ a​ major point of​ clarity in​ this article:

As valuable as​ all of​ the​ body type information may be to​ learning your body,​ it​ is​ not the​ "end all" that it​ is​ often marketed to​ be.

You are neither "guaranteed" to​ look and feel great nor "doomed" to​ be overweight and unhealthy simply based on​ your genetics and body classification. Body types should only be used to​ give you insight on​ what advantages or​ challenges that you may have in​ your quest for life-long fitness---not a​ life or​ death sentence that limits what you can achieve.

In reality,​ the​ Psychological factors related to​ how you look and feel are really where the​ rubber meets the​ road in​ weight loss and staying healthy and fit.

It is​ here that you will find the​ tools to​ overcome whatever physical challenges that you are faced with. Therefore,​ it​ is​ here where you absolutely focus the​ MAJORITY of​ your energy if​ you are become and stay successful with your health and fitness goals.

One thing that many people do not consider is​ how the​ knowledge of​ their "body type" and what that means affects their psychological outlook in​ the​ first place.

Many "fit" people who look great because they eat right and exercise do so because they already believe that they've "got something" that is​ valuable and maintained. Therefore,​ their healthy lifestyle is​ just a​ matter of​ course.

The importance of​ the​ effect that your outlook on​ your results cannot be ignored. To put it​ plainly,​ your outLOOK directly affects your outPUT.

If you don't happen to​ be one of​ those people who seem to​ "naturally" have it​ together when it​ comes to​ your body (or you have been before but have since lost the​ "magic"),​ then what you will need to​ do is​ simply tap into the​ strength of​ your own psyche to​ push you toward success.

There are 5 Key Steps that you need to​ follow in​ order to​ take advantage of​ your own reservoirs of​ power,​ drive,​ and confidence.

  1. Self Acceptance

    In order for ANY of​ this to​ work,​ you will want to​ either have or​ develop of​ certain level of​ self acceptance for your body and all of​ its great points as​ well as​ its weaknesses.

    This doesn't mean that you have to​ be satisfied with yourself when you may be out of​ shape. What is​ DOES mean,​ however,​ is​ that you have to​ be "ok" with having YOUR "best body"---not someone else's.

  2. Find the​ Keys to​ Your Own Motivation

    Different things work for different people. While there may be 4 or​ 5 body types,​ there are even more different personality types. You may want to​ try several different types of​ motivational tools to​ see which one you respond to​ best for the​ results you want. Here are a​ few ideas of​ things to​ try:

    • Having a​ workout/diet buddy (or buddies)
    • Motivational books and tapes
    • Imagining how you will look and feel when you reach YOUR personal best
    • Thinking of​ the​ quality of​ life benefits of​ being healthy and fit

    And there are tons more.

  3. Setting Attainable Goals after You've Gotten #1 and #2 Firmly Under Your Belt

    Most people try to​ simply pull random goals out of​ the​ sky. This can often lead to​ first failure then disappointment when issues with self acceptance are combined with a​ lack of​ understanding what motivates you.

  4. Drown Yourself in​ Those Things that Motivate You

    Once you've figured out what works for you,​ DROWN yourself in​ it! if​ it​ works,​ then work IT. Take full advantage of​ the​ #1 factor in​ successfully achieving weight loss and maintaining physical fitness.

  5. Maintain Your Progress by Making Fitness a​ Lifestyle

    As many of​ you know by now,​ I am NOT a​ fan of​ traditional diets. They simply do not work. More than anything else,​ it​ is​ your day-to-day lifestyle that will determine what results you get,​ and your psychological outlook is​ what either drives you to​ or​ pulls you away from the​ activities that form that lifestyle.

There is​ simply no reason on​ earth that you cannot be one of​ the​ "Successful" people when it​ comes to​ weight loss and fitness.

Educate yourself on​ your body's strengths and weaknesses,​ then develop a​ winning attitude by provided your psyche with effective motivation that it​ will respond to. That's the​ hardest part. And its very doable with the​ right information and coaching,​ which is​ why I came up with the​ YourBestBodyNOW web site and weight loss program for people just like you. the​ rest,​ as​ they say,​ is​ will be a​ cinch.

To YourBestBody,​

Lawrence Cole

Your Lifestyle and Fitness Coach
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