Weight Loss Setting Reasonable Long Term Goals

Weight Loss Setting Reasonable Long Term Goals

We see a​ lot of​ people struggling with weight issues and their body image. With the​ available resources and materials for weight loss spilled all over the​ place,​ those,​ who are over weight,​ are a​ bit confused about which method to​ follow to​ shed those extra lbs. Although the​ basics of​ weight loss do not change,​ they depend on​ setting realistic goals,​ cutting the​ calorie intake and exercising a​ little bit. Many presume that a​ weight loss program is​ all about a​ restricted diet,​ or​ fad diets,​ or​ diet pills and involving strenuous physical exercises. But,​ actually the​ basics of​ weight loss program are rational,​ flexible and healthy to​ which any one can adhere to​ while they work well on​ the​ person aiming to​ lose weight.

The first basic step towards weight loss is​ to​ set a​ reachable goal. When setting a​ goal to​ reduce weight,​ it​ is​ good to​ know the​ reason for doing so,​ benefits you may get at​ the​ end of​ the​ weight reduction program and the​ changes you are willing to​ make in​ your diet. This kind of​ analysis of​ the​ self helps understand the​ problem the​ better way and helps in​ setting realistic goals for weight loss. the​ weight loss efforts should be a​ reasonable one and should be gradual.

Once the​ goal is​ set to​ reduce say two pounds a​ week,​ then comes the​ step of​ creating a​ food journal to​ analyze and monitor what you eat for the​ particular week. This food journal helps keep track of​ what you eat,​ or​ drink. Sometimes the​ feeling towards the​ food you eat is​ also jotted down. This is​ very important as​ it​ throws light on​ the​ food pattern and habits of​ the​ person. the​ weight loss is​ also recorded. By reviewing the​ food pattern,​ the​ foods that needed to​ be avoided can be seen clearly and can be substituted with healthy foods. the​ secret is​ to​ be very consistent with this surely you will see positive results. Water is​ a​ very good natural hunger suppressant and can be taken in​ good quantities,​ if​ you note that you are drinking less amounts of​ water. it​ too can contribute to​ the​ weight loss efforts.

When the​ diet is​ combined with good exercise say walking or​ swimming or​ aerobics,​ it​ too aids in​ burning calories. the​ exercise should be in​ such a​ way that when it​ is​ done,​ it​ should be enjoyable,​ choose the​ kind of​ activity which interests you a​ lot than slogging. Exercise too needs to​ be tracked in​ the​ journal to​ see its effects with your own eyes.

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