Weight Loss Products

What to​ Know About Weight Loss Products
There are a​ lot of​ weight loss products that offer that fast weight loss results,​ however,​ are these really guaranteed? Could these products live up to​ their assurance of​ a​ fit body?
In US,​ there is​ an estimated 50 million people who try to​ lose weigh,​ unfortunately,​ only 5 per cent are successful. One things for sure,​ beware of​ fraudulent claims and extreme high cost because there is​ no magic to​ losing weight.
Samples of​ weight loss products in​ the​ market nowadays
· Diet Patch this was already removed since 1990’s by FDA since they were proven ineffective.
· Magnetic Diet Pills allegedly flushes out fat,​ but not.
· Guar Gum causes internal obstruction.
· Electrical Muscle Stimulators no proven effect.
· Eyeglasses that Suppress Appetite These claims that the​ projected image on​ the​ retina decreases appetite. No proven fact.
· Weight loss earrings through acupuncture,​ suppresses appetite.
There are also examples of​ weight loss products
Diet drinks that are mixed with beverages or​ food are used as​ meal substitutes. a​ downside of​ this is​ that once a​ person stopped taking the​ drinks,​ they would eventually regain the​ lost weight after a​ short period of​ time due to​ feeling of​ emptiness in​ the​ stomach. Another is​ diet supplements and medicines that also don’t work longterm. Overthecounter pills that compose of​ phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride may raise blood pressure and palpitation. Ephedra on​ the​ other hand can cause serious side effects such as​ heart problems,​ seizure,​ stroke,​ and even death. E. g.
§ Herbalife Nutritional Program good as​ two meals,​ dieters may rely on​ shakes and follow artificial dieting methods and just don’t want food to​ work into their lives.
§ MegaThin 100 Formula Its formula contains an antifat weapon,​ however,​ diet is​ not emphasized that’s why it’s concluded that it​ has an appetite suppressant.
§ Nestlé’s Sweet Success recommended to​ take three times a​ day and it​ does not promote healthy eating habits. Weight loss is​ difficult to​ maintain once intake is​ stopped.
§ Ultra Slim Fast this plan requires regular exercise but does not teach good eating habits.
§ Diet pills with Ephedra and PPA many of​ these have enclosed diet plans. Slimming can come from the​ diet plan and not the​ pill intake and there are risks of​ adverse side effects.
§ Chitosan products contains fibers which were taken from shellfish that may cause diarrhea,​ bloatedness,​ and gas. This will only work if​ a​ low fat diet is​ practiced.
§ Chromium Supplements claim that products will lower blood sugar,​ body fat and cholesterol but causes anemia and even memory loss. Studies show only minimal or​ no beneficial effect at​ all.
§ Green Tea Extract Products known as​ strong antioxidants that help lower cholesterol and triglycerides,​ and promote weight loss,​ however,​ the​ caffeine content could cause insomnia and restlessness.
§ Algae Tablets Spirulina contains significant nutrients that can be an acceptable food when used as​ part of​ a​ varied diet but are very expensive.
§ St. Johns Wort Supplement Claims that it​ will suppress appetite and promote weight loss but it​ could lead to​ gastrointestinal discomfort,​ tiredness,​ sleeplessness,​ and arouse allergic reactions.
§ Glucomannan Products claim that two capsules before each meal decrease food absorption. Known as​ food thickeners but not yet proven safe or​ effective. Weight loss will only happen if​ good diet plan is​ followed.
Even if​ you plan on​ using overthecounter weight supplements or​ even participate in​ a​ weight loss activity,​ the​ verdict is​ that you still have to​ eat fewer calories than you burn to​ lose weight. When choosing a​ weight loss product or​ program,​ collect as​ much information as​ possible.

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