Weight Loss Problems Gone Forever

Weight Loss Problems Gone Forever

Imagine if​ you would for a​ moment your weight loss problems gone forever. What would your life be like? What kinds of​ things would you be able to​ do as​ a​ result?

If you were not overweight you might discover what sitting comfortably in​ a​ movie theater chair might feel like,​ or​ what it​ would be like to​ take a​ long walk with your grandchildren or​ enjoy the​ excitement of​ participating again in​ your favorite sport. Even your daily routine of​ toileting,​ showering and simply getting dressed would be greatly improved.

Continue to​ imagine…what kind of​ dreams could you be fulfilling if​ weight was no longer a​ concern for you? How would you feel about yourself? How much money would you save? Imagine never again having to​ worry about gaining weight or​ losing weight. On top of​ that imagine being able to​ eat all you want and never worry about your weight!

You Can Lose Weight And Always Keep It Off!

I know it​ sounds too good to​ be true. However,​ it’s entirely possible to​ have all that and more. Eating a​ delicious whole foods,​ plant based diet can give you all that,​ plus the​ added benefit of​ promoting excellent health. According to​ T. Colin Campbell,​ Author of​ the​ China Study,​ a​ whole foods,​ plant based diet reduces your risks of​ heart disease,​ diabetes,​ arteriosclerosis,​ cancer and many other common diseases.

Obesity is​ a​ Huge Problem

We all know obesity is​ a​ huge problem in​ America today. Yet,​ there’s probably not one obese person who enjoys being that way. You don’t need the​ statistics to​ tell you that 2 out of​ 3 adults in​ America are overweight; all you need to​ do is​ look around at​ your friends,​ family,​ church members and coworkers.

In 2002 American medical care costs related to​ obesity were listed at​ $100 billion dollars. Yes,​ that’s billion! And believe it​ or​ not,​ that’s $30 billion dollars more than was spent in​ 1999. Doesn’t it​ seem absurd that we​ spend billions of​ dollars each year on​ medical care related to​ obesity when there are millions of​ starving children in​ our world!

Promoting the​ Problem

It is​ unfortunate that we​ have a​ system that promotes obesity. Obesity is​ promoted by the​ “super size it”,​ “more is​ better”,​ and “I want it​ now” mentalities. On top of​ that,​ to​ solve the​ weight gain problems that our system encourages,​ the​ same system promotes “quick fix” weight loss solutions: diet drinks and foods,​ fad diets,​ calorie counting,​ carb counting and food exchange gimmicks.

Now the​ Solution

Life does not have to​ be this way. You can experience freedom from weight loss issues and enjoy the​ best health of​ your life! You can eliminate all the​ worries and the​ guilt associated with wrong eating. You can make eating a​ joy and a​ pleasure not a​ mathematical equation.
According to​ Dr. Campbell,​ research has shown over and over again that vegetarians and vegans (people who eat no animal products) are typically significantly slimmer than those who eat the​ standard American diet. in​ one study overweight subjects were told to​ eat all they wanted of​ foods that were mostly low-fat,​ whole food and plant-based. in​ three weeks the​ subjects on​ average lost 17 pounds each.

Vegetarian Versus Whole,​ Plant Based Foods

I need to​ give a​ word of​ clarification here. One can be a​ vegetarian and still be overweight. What happens is​ some vegetarians simply replace meats with refined grains,​ pastas,​ breads and sweets. a​ whole food,​ plant-based diet is​ the​ key to​ weight loss and an​ ongoing healthy lifestyle.

You can eat all you want of​ plant based foods in​ their natural forms,​ i.e. foods that have not been or​ have been very minimally processed. Some examples would be fresh raw fruits and vegetables,​ soaked nuts and seeds (not raw or​ roasted),​ brown rice,​ oat groats,​ various legumes and beans. Examples of​ foods that don’t fit the​ whole food criteria are breads,​ pastries,​ milk,​ cheese,​ products with refined sugars or​ artificial sweeteners,​ canned fruits,​ soups,​ and vegetables etc.

Making the​ transition to​ preparing delicious whole food dishes can be challenging at​ first. an​ excellent resource for helping you to​ do so is​ Rita Romano’s recipe book,​ Dining in​ the​ Raw-. Another great resource is​ Hallelujah Acres at​ www.hacres.com.

Make Exercise Part of​ Your Plan

We all know that exercise promotes weight loss. One study suggests that only 15 to​ 45 minutes of​ exercise a​ day will result in​ maintaining a​ body weight that is​ 11 to​ 18 pounds lighter than it​ otherwise would be. However,​ that’s not the​ whole story. There is​ also some scientific evidence that suggests that vegetarians have on​ average a​ higher metabolic rate,​ meaning they burn more of​ their ingested calories rather than depositing them to​ fat. in​ another study,​ rats on​ mainly a​ vegetarian diet chose to​ exercise more than rats on​ a​ high animal protein diet.

You Have a​ Choice

Obesity and weight loss issues affect millions of​ people in​ our nation each year. Largely these problems can be eliminated with the​ proper education and attitude about what kind of​ foods promote health. Being overweight is​ not a​ problem that will ever be corrected by a​ diet program or​ a​ diet drink! Dr. Campbell says,​ “the diet that helps to​ reduce weight in​ the​ short run needs to​ be the​ same diet that creates and maintains health in​ the​ long run….we can control the​ cause (of obesity). it​ is​ right at​ the​ end of​ our fork.”

What will you choose to​ do?

Weight Loss Problems Gone Forever

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