Weight Loss Pills More Harm Than Good

Weight Loss Pills More Harm Than Good

Most women,​ it​ can be said,​ have an​ overwhelming desire to​ be always look good all the​ time. Every woman needs to​ feel beautiful physically. They also want to​ have a​ pleasant,​ alluring personality and attitude. of​ course,​ to​ make it​ complete,​ women want to​ be in​ good health.

However,​ in​ society today,​ there is​ now a​ confusion about what is​ beautiful and what is​ plain vanity. Media distortion and exaggerated advertising campaigns have done a​ lot to​ shape the​ new standard in​ beauty: slim and sexy is​ beautiful. No wonder,​ even Hollywood's glamorous women find it​ a​ requirement to​ have shapely curves especially during a​ photo shoot or​ during the​ Awards Night.

So,​ what is​ a​ woman to​ think,​ if​ she weighs around 180 pounds and above? of​ course,​ the​ poor lady would have to​ think of​ an​ easy way out of​ being called “big” or​ “fat”. Taking over-the-counter weight loss pills would be the​ quickest,​ easiest,​ and most convenient way to​ lose weight. These weight loss pills are readily available in​ the​ market,​ with or​ without the​ approval of​ the​ FDA. it​ is​ seen everywhere --- from the​ local drugstore,​ the​ supermarket,​ or​ any health food stores. One can even purchase these pills online,​ with a​ lot more options to​ choose from. These weight loss pills are said to​ make a​ person lose weight,​ decrease one's appetite,​ reduce body fat,​ increase the​ amount of​ calories burned,​ increases fat metabolism,​ blocks the​ absorption of​ dietary fat,​ and increase the​ feeling of​ fullness with continued use.

There are a​ number of​ weight loss pills circulating the​ market today. Whether herbal or​ dietary supplement,​ these pills should be taken with caution. a​ woman's health is​ at​ risk when taking such diet pills. Since these pills are available almost anywhere,​ it's appealing to​ women who would want to​ lose weight fast. But everyone should consider in​ researching more on​ the​ said diet pills,​ since some of​ these pills can be downright dangerous for a​ woman's health.

Bitter orange is​ considered as​ a​ diet pill. This dietary supplement claims to​ decrease appetite,​ but what a​ woman really needs to​ know is​ that this specific supplement is​ also an​ ephedra substitute. This substitute,​ however,​ may cause health risks similar to​ those of​ ephedra. Chitosan is​ another example,​ a​ diet pill that supposedly blocks the​ absorption of​ dietary fat. This particular drug is​ relatively safe but its its effectiveness is​ doubtful. This specific weight loss pill can also cause constipation,​ bloating,​ and other gastrointestinal complaints. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA),​ another diet pill,​ claims to​ reduce body fats,​ decreases appetite and also build up muscles. What people don't know is​ that this weight loss pill can cause diarrhea,​ indigestion,​ and other gastrointestinal problems,​ and that is​ will not reduce a​ person's total body weight. Ephedra,​ which also claims to​ decrease appetite,​ has a​ lot more side effects than any of​ the​ other diet pills. This can cause high blood pressure,​ heart rate irregularities,​ sleeplessness,​ heart attacks,​ strokes,​ seizures,​ and even death. This weight loss pill has already been banned from the​ market due to​ safety concerns but it​ can still be legally purchased as​ tea.

For consumers,​ especially women,​ it​ is​ hard to​ know what's inside those pills. Most weight loss pills have a​ combination of​ different ingredients,​ some of​ which are just basically add-ons like caffeine or​ laxatives. These mixture of​ ingredients can pose a​ risk to​ a​ woman's health,​ since the​ interaction between these ingredients is​ still unknown. the​ best way for women to​ lose weight is​ not by taking these so-called diet pills but to​ have an​ active and healthy lifestyle. Consider eating a​ good and balanced diet,​ together with physical exercise. And lastly,​ be happy with how you look. It's not how heavy or​ sexy you are,​ it's about confidence and having the​ right attitude towards life.

Weight Loss Pills More Harm Than Good

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