Weight Loss Newbies The Beginners Guide To Losing Weight

Weight Loss Newbies The Beginners Guide To Losing Weight

So you've decided that you're going to​ do it.

You're sick and tired of​ being sick and tired and are once and for all hell bent on​ losing weight.

Well,​ let me be the​ first to​ warn you of​ a​ very grim fact:

Millions have tried before you and most of​ them have failed miserably at​ reaching their weight loss and diet goals.

Therefore,​ I've put together a​ little beginner's guide to​ help make sure that you are one of​ the​ few that actually ends up being successful at​ this.

  1. Get an​ accurate picture of​ where you are now

    Many people just go and hop on​ a​ diet or​ weight loss program without knowing exactly where they are from the​ start. This is​ dangerous because along the​ way there WILL be numerous times where you will be tempted to​ simply quit altogether. Without knowing where you started,​ you won't be able to​ accurately gauge your progress. Not being able too see that progress put you at​ an​ extremely high risk of​ quitting down the​ road when the​ going gets tough.

  2. Set specific,​ realistic goals for your weight loss,​ and WRITE THEM DOWN.

    This is​ one of​ the​ most ill-executed steps in​ the​ entire process of​ losing weight. Most people will passively quote some random amount of​ weight that they "hope" to​ lose.

    "I need to​ lose 30 lbs."
    "I'm trying to​ get back down to​ a​ size X"
    "If I can just fit back into Y,​ I'll be fine"

    That is​ the​ exact WRONG way to​ go about your weight loss. All above the​ above are hopes. Wishes. Desires. And none does a​ thinner body make.

    What you need are detailed,​ definite goals that are written and time bound (e.g. "over the​ next 3 months") to​ hold yourself accountable to​ doing what you said you were going to​ do by the​ time you said you were going to​ do it.

  3. Adopt a​ step-by-step course of​ action to​ get you there

    In order for this to​ work there needs to​ be a​ concrete method to​ your weight loss madness. to​ this end,​ you need to​ chose a​ weight loss plan that will lead you step-by-step through what to​ eat (and what not to​ eat),​ how and when to​ exercise,​ and every other imaginable aspect of​ losing weight. the​ reason for this is​ that goals have a​ much better chance of​ becoming reality when they are being attained as​ a​ result of​ a​ plan or​ system of​ action.

  4. Get started IMMEDIATELY

    Most flunkies know how to​ study. Most broke people know how wealth is​ generated. Most overweight people how to​ lose weight. However,​ what separates all of​ these very knowledgeable,​ yet unsuccessful people from the​ results they desire is​ action. Don't let that be your fate.

    Once you have written specific goals and chosen a​ plan of​ action,​ don't delay in​ getting right on​ track to​ weight loss. the​ cheesecake,​ burgers,​ chocolate,​ and pastries aren't going anywhere. You can snack on​ them moderately once you've achieved your goals. Don't get caught into the​ trap of​ holding off having Your Best Body any longer. the​ sooner you start,​ the​ sooner you'll be done.

  5. Be Prepared for the​ emotional roller coaster

    Nearly everyone who has tried to​ lose weight has had some level of​ success at​ one time or​ another. For those who have not been able to​ sustain desirable results,​ being knocked out by the​ emotional roller coaster is​ most likely to​ blame.

    Look,​ losing weight is​ very simple,​ but not easy. if​ it​ were,​ there wouldn't be so many people trying to​ get it​ right. the​ #1 skill that you will need to​ develop in​ order to​ make it​ through is​ surviving the​ roller coaster of​ emotions. One day you'll feel as​ if​ you're getting great results. a​ week later,​ you may actually feel that you are moving backwards. Either way,​ just know that as​ long as​ you consistently follow the​ weight loss principles,​ you will ALWAYS move forward,​ even if​ it​ does not feel like it.

  6. Don't stop until your goal is​ reached,​ no matter WHAT

    So many times people come to​ a​ screeching halt in​ their efforts to​ lose weight and diet because they get discouraged a​ portion of​ the​ way through or​ after they reach a​ certain benchmark they allow themselves to​ be satisfied and quit the​ program even though their goal has not been reached.

    DON'T DO IT.

    There was a​ specific reason that you set your initial goal. Do not sell yourself short by settling for anything less. Stick it​ out until the​ very end,​ and your sense of​ accomplishment will be irreplaceable.

  7. Once you've reached your goal,​ never,​ EVER let yourself blow up

    This is​ the​ last and final barrier to​ ultimate success in​ your efforts to​ lose weight.

    Make sure not to​ allow yourself to​ relapse while you are in​ maintenance mode. I recommend sticking to​ the​ same general principles that helped you lose the​ weight and then occasionally indulging in​ some of​ the​ foods that you love. This balance is​ the​ best way to​ keep the​ body that you've worked for and not feel over-restricted.

Make this the​ first and last time that you ever have to​ go through a​ weight loss program. Remember that if​ you can just get it​ right one good time,​ you can literally maintain it​ forever with little effort.

To YourBestBody,​

Lawrence Cole

Your Lifestyle and Fitness Coach
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