Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths

Every regime has its supply of​ useless folk lore and
half-truths that get passed on​ down the​ line from
person to​ person. But I'd put weight loss up against
any of​ them for what has to​ be the​ most time wasting and
even the​ most dangerous myths out there.

There is​ a​ ton of​ free advice seen in​ the​ media these days
and if​ it​ is​ taken seriously,​ can really set you back on​ your
weight loss endeavours. This can lead to​ the​ kind of​ frustration
that makes people think they are "destined to​ remain fat for life”.

This in​ not true,​ Have a​ look at​ the​ Weight loss myths below and
draw your own conclusions.

Exercise on​ an​ empty stomach and burn more fat.

Effective weight loss is​ the​ total amount of​ calories
burned during the​ day,​ not how or​ why they were burned.
It doesn't matter if​ it​ is​ night or​ morning,​ so exercise
early in​ the​ day has no advantage to​ exercise later in​
the day.

Studies show that increased metabolism induced by anaerobic
exercise is​ actually less after a​ large meal. Which probably
means that more energy is​ being used for digestion than
what is​ being used to​ repair muscle.

More exercise is​ better.

Every exercise session is​ beneficial to​ each individual,​
however more is​ not always better. it​ depends on​ what is​
trying to​ be achieved. There is​ a​ level and frequency
required to​ achieve results.

After this level is​ reached,​ additional exercise can
have the​ opposite effect,​ not allowing the​ body to​
recuperate and adapt to​ the​ stress induced by the​
exercise,​ which can be detrimental to​ your results.

After stopping exercise muscle will turn to​ fat.

This in​ not possible,​ Muscle and fat are two different
types of​ tissues in​ the​ body and you cannot convert one into the​
other. This is​ like trying to​ turn water into milk.
If you stop training,​ the​ muscles will shrink
in size - and do not disappear. the​ more calories
taken in​ that are not burned off will be deposited as​ fat.

If you’re not sweating,​ you’re not working hard enough.

Sweating is​ the​ body's way of​ cooling itself down.
Many factors contribute to​ body temperature,​ including
room temperature,​ types of​ exercise done,​ body-fat levels,​
clothing,​ and exercise intensity. the​ intensity for
exercise can't be judged by the​ amount you sweat.

A well-trained person will often sweat a​ lot because
their body can more efficiently regulate heat.

Taking sugar before exercise to​ raise energy levels.

Ingestion of​ sugar will lead to​ a​ rapid rise in​ blood
sugar levels. This rapid rise stimulates a​ release of​
insulin,​ which quickly removes the​ excess sugar from
the blood system,​ often causing your blood sugar levels
to drop,​ sometimes below the​ level that it​ started at,​
leading to​ faster exhaustion.

Gaining weight is​ just a​ part of​ getting older.

Getting older is​ not an​ excuse for gaining weight!
As we​ age and begin a​ more sedentary lifestyle we​
start to​ lose muscle mass.

The efficiency of​ your metabolism is​ directly linked
to how much muscle you have on​ your body. the​ most
efficient way of​ maintaining your body's muscle mass
and keeping your metabolism from dropping,​ is​ by
doing a​ high intensity strength training workout once a​ week.

X is​ the​ best form of​ exercise.

Claims like this are usually based on​ marketing strategy
and personal bias. Even when claims are based on​ factual
information,​ they have little practical value to​ the​
average exerciser. the​ most important thing is​ to​ choose
an activity that you like,​ and perform it​ properly and

If it’s fat free I can have as​ much as​ I want.

Unfortunately fat free doesn't mean calorie free.
The word fat free is​ misleading because if​ you
overeat on​ anything,​ even fat free foods and you
don't burn off those calories,​ your body will
store the​ excess as​ fat.

Don't drink water when you exercise or​ you will get cramps.

By drinking litres of​ icy cold water in​ one go while
exercising you will probably suffer from cramps.
This is​ why it​ is​ important to​ drink water
continuously before,​ during and after exercising
to replace the​ fluid you've lost and avoid any discomfort.

By not having a​ personal trainer I wont make gains.

Hiring a​ personal trainer is​ one way you can use to​
reach your goals,​ but you are an​ adult capable of​
making decisions and setting your own goals once
you have the​ knowledge of​ how to​ go about it.
Following a​ good exercise program and eating
plan does not require someone standing over
you and telling you how to​ do it.

By exercising my abs I will lose my pot belly.

Exercising your abdominals will help to​ tone and
firm the​ abdominal region,​ but it​ will not reduce
fat deposits that are responsible for a​ pot belly.
Fat reduction comes from burning more calories
than you take in. Fat is​ reduced uniformly throughout
the body there is​ no such thing as​ spot reduction.

Weight Loss Myths

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