Weight Loss Myths Exposed

It probably won’t come as​ a​ surprise to​ hear there is​ a​ great deal of​ confusion around nutrition. in​ fact,​ many people reading this article will have only a​ scant idea about the​ different food types and what our body actually needs to​ keep healthy.

One of​ the​ simplest systems I’ve encountered is​ this. if​ the​ food tastes good,​ then it​ has to​ be ‘bad’ for you! And then there’s its counterpart,​ “If the​ food tastes ‘bad’ then it​ must be ‘good’ for you”. You may identify with these views,​ or​ some closely related version! Nutrition for some has been reduced to​ a​ concept of​ ‘good’ and ‘bad’ with little else.

Some common weight loss myths that people believe - which aren’t true!

Myth #1: Cutting down on​ portion size is​ the​ best way to​ lose weight. Not on​ its own. if​ you attempt to​ lose weight by just eating less,​ you are likely to​ gain the​ weight back. Lasting results will come from changing the​ types of​ foods you eat,​ not just the​ amounts.

Myth #2: Just cut out fat and you’ll lose weight. This approach to​ weight loss,​ popular in​ the​ 80s,​ simply doesn’t work for most people. Even if​ a​ food is​ labeled “fat-free,​” it​ can still be high in​ calories from sugar and hidden carbs. Effective weight loss comes from being mindful of​ your total calorie consumption as​ well as​ your fat intake.

Myth #3: Cutting calories causes your body to​ go into starvation mode and slows weight loss. This is​ untrue. Your body’s resting metabolic rate can vary by about 15%. Nevertheless,​ eating too few calories and an​ inadequate amount of​ protein can make you lose precious lean muscle mass,​ which will eventually slow metabolism,​ for the​ long term. Ideally,​ stick to​ the​ calorie and protein amounts that are right for your body with the​ Herbalife™ program.

Myth #4: High-protein diets cause ketosis,​ which reduces hunger. Ketosis occurs when fat,​ instead of​ carbohydrate,​ is​ used as​ an​ energy source during a​ high-protein diet. Ketone bodies are produced,​ which give your breath a​ bad “fruity” odor. Ketone bodies do not reduce appetite; but,​ eating sufficient protein for your body needs can help reduce hunger and support weight loss.

Myth #5: Exercise alone can help you lose weight. While exercise is​ an​ important component of​ a​ healthy weight-loss program,​ it​ is​ not a​ great way to​ lose weight on​ its own. Exercising for even an​ hour at​ a​ time burns only a​ moderate amount of​ calories. Combining exercise with calorie reduction and a​ healthy eating plan is​ the​ most effective way to​ lose weight and keep it​ off.

One of​ the​ most healthful and helpful steps you can take to​ improve your health and that of​ your family’s is​ to​ learn about nutrition. the​ principles are easy to​ understand and armed with the​ correct information,​ it’s possible to​ make an​ improvement to​ your health.

© Kim Beardsmore

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