Weight Loss Myths And Corresponding Facts

Weight Loss Myths And Corresponding Facts

The myths about weight loss are making rounds everywhere and they never cease to​ end,​ as​ the​ people are very much concerned and are in​ the​ look out for easy way to​ lose weight,​ hence lots of​ wrong theories going around. Listed Below are some weight loss myths along with corresponding facts.

Myths Pertaining to​ Physical Exercises:

Myth: Exercise when done on​ an​ empty stomach results in​ more fat burn out.

Fact: The weight loss is​ said to​ be effective when the​ calories consumed are burned the​ same day no matter,​ how they are burned. Hence the​ impact of​ exercising with an​ empty stomach is​ the​ same as​ with a​ full stomach. Studies have revealed that the​ increase in​ metabolism seen in​ anaerobic exercise is​ reduced after a​ full meal. it​ means that more energy is​ used for digestion than to​ repair muscles.

Myth: The more the​ exercise the​ more the​ benefit.

Fact: it​ is​ not true. Even though every exercise session is​ good for an​ individual,​ there is​ a​ required level and frequency to​ get optimum results. After the​ optimum level,​ the​ exercise done will have an​ opposite effect by not allowing the​ body to​ cope up with the​ stress created by the​ exercise,​ which can be actually detrimental towards weight loss.

Myth: Muscle turns into fat once the​ exercise is​ stopped.

Fact: It is​ not true. Muscles,​ as​ a​ matter of​ fact,​ cannot be converted into fat as​ they are entirely different kinds of​ tissues. When the​ exercise is​ stopped,​ the​ muscles shrink but do not disappear. if​ the​ calorie intake is​ more,​ which is​ not burned it​ actually deposits as​ fat.

Myth: More the​ Sweat,​ More the​ hard work is​ done.

Fact: This too is​ not true,​ as​ sweating is​ the​ body’s cooling ability. Sweat can be due to​ lot of​ factors like body temperature,​ type of​ exercise done,​ fat deposition of​ the​ body,​ room temperature,​ the​ kind of​ clothing used for exercise,​ and the​ intensity of​ exercise done.

Myth: Drinking water while exercising might lead to​ cramps.

Fact: if​ more litres of​ ice cold water are drunk in​ one go while doing exercise may result in​ cramps. Hence,​ it​ is​ good to​ drink water consistently before,​ during and after exercises in​ order to​ replace the​ fluid lost and to​ avoid any discomfort being caused.

Myth: Exercise done to​ tone the​ abdominal muscles also tones potbelly.

Fact: When exercise is​ done for the​ abdominal region only that region gets toned up. the​ fat deposits are not burned,​ reducing the​ potbelly. Fat reduction happens uniformly throughout the​ body and there is​ no possibility for spot reduction.

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