Weight Loss Motivation Mastering The Motivation To Stay Fit

Have you ever just felt like you were doing everything you were supposed to​ in​ order to​ lose weight and STILL weren't dropping the​ pounds?

During her journey to​ lose 40lbs in​ 16 weeks,​ my good friend Kim faced some pretty serious challenges with regards to​ her level of​ motivation.

Another friend of​ mine,​ Antonio Goodwin,​ who lost 4 inches from his waistline in​ 9 weeks with my program,​ faced the​ same frustration.

The problem was that at​ several times during their weight loss,​ they both felt as​ if​ they were not losing much weight and were not seeing results.

Now,​ a​ look at​ either of​ their before and after photos on​ my web sites shows that each of​ them made quite a​ substantial improvement in​ their bodies.

So what would make someone who's losing weight each week feel as​ if​ they were not?

I'll tell you exactly what. Its referred to​ as​ the​ emotional roller coaster.

This is​ how it​ usually goes:

You start a​ new diet or​ weight loss program. You're all excited to​ be doing something great for your health and the​ way you look,​ and you're sticking
to the​ program,​ step by step.

Consistent action pays off and after a​ short while you start getting compliments about the​ pounds you're losing week by week.

Then all of​ a​ sudden,​ it​ all seems to​ stop. You can no longer see the​ physical changes in​ your body,​ and maybe you even have a​ moment of​ weaknesand cheat a​ bit on​ your diet plan. So now you're frustrated and mildly depressed. You feel as​ if​ true weight loss may NEVER happen for you,​ no matter what you do.


The trick here is​ to​ not get stuck in​ your own frustration.

Now this is​ a​ tough one,​ because everyone and I do mean EVERYONE goes through this stage. Whenever I need to​ trim down for a​ photo shoot,​ I go through it​ as​ well.

One of​ the​ things that you must understand about the​ body is​ that for as​ long as​ you are doing the​ right things on​ a​ consistent basis it​ WILL respond with results.

The Jedi Mind Trick is​ that oftentimes the​ progress is​ subtle,​ or​ may be primarily taking place in​ an​ area that you cannot see as​ well.

For instance,​ my friend Kim loses weight in​ her back the​ fastest. Her frustration came because she did not see the​ fat loss on​ her stomach the​ way she would have liked to. Little did she know that from behind she looked like a​ completely different person.

Listen,​ the​ emotional roller coaster is​ an​ inevitable aspect of​ any worthy undertaking that we​ take on​ in​ life. Remember getting through college? or​ maybe waiting for puberty to​ set in? How about paying off your debts? the​ mental battle while attempting to​ diet and/or achieve weight loss is​ no different.

So make a​ conscious decision to​ stick to​ your guns. Let it​ play out. Victory lies in​ having the​ strength to​ make it​ through the​ rough spots without cracking under the​ pressure and losing all that you've worked for. if​ you can just master getting past the​ point of​ frustration,​ before you know it​ you'll be seeing results again and getting more compliments.

Lawrence Cole

Your Lifestyle and Fitness Coach
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