Weight Loss Motivation Key To Shedding Pounds

Weight Loss Motivation Key To Shedding Pounds

Have you ever heard the​ saying,​ "Where there is​ a​ will,​ there is​ a​ way"? For the​ average person trying to​ lose weight,​ this particular phrase is​ so easy to​ say - yet so difficult to​ do. Whether you are struggling to​ shed a​ few unwanted pounds or​ to​ plummet ten pants sizes,​ success often depends on​ weight loss motivation.

Why lose the​ weight?
Looking slim and trim for your ten year class reunion. Fitting into your wedding dress when the​ ceremony is​ just weeks away. Securing a​ spot on​ your college wrestling team. Avoiding heart disease. to​ succeed,​ everyone needs a​ weight loss motivation that will make them want to​ put down the​ fork and step away from the​ double chocolate fudge cake.

So ask yourself: What drives you to​ achieve your weight loss goal? Deep inside,​ you must have a​ vision of​ what you want to​ look like and why you want to​ look that way. What feelings will weight loss make you feel? Confidence? Health? Happiness? Without knowing the​ answer to​ these questions,​ what prevents you from going to​ your favorite fast food restaurant right now and ordering three cheeseburgers and a​ large fry? at​ least realize the​ answer to​ that question: NOTHING.

Develop a​ strategy:
Once you have discovered what your weight loss motivation is,​ you can then create a​ plan to​ achieve your desired weight. Before you jump on​ the​ treadmill and start running,​ however,​ it​ is​ a​ very wise idea to​ put together a​ weight loss strategy.

Below you will find a​ sample strategy:

-The first thing on​ your weight loss strategy list should be to​ get a​ scale and place a​ blank notebook on​ the​ floor next to​ it. Now comes the​ hard part. Each and every day,​ make it​ mandatory for yourself to​ weigh in. (Note: it​ is​ important that you weigh in​ at​ approximately the​ same time of​ the​ day,​ every day. This will make your weight reading the​ most accurate.) Seeing your progress or​ failure in​ writing each day can be a​ superb motivator. You simply cannot hide from the​ facts.

-Next,​ it​ is​ a​ wise idea - especially if​ you have no will power - to​ remove from your home the​ junk food that you can't trust yourself around. You don't need to​ get rid of​ every little item with more than 100 calories. But if​ you know you can't stop yourself from eating just 20 chips... get rid of​ the​ bag! And for some extra motivation,​ try hanging a​ picture of​ your favorite swimsuit model on​ your refrigerator door. That may stop you from eating that cream puff.

-Part of​ your weight loss strategy can even include one of​ the​ most motivating things around: a​ friend or​ family member who will take a​ walk with you on​ every lunch break,​ or​ who will sign up for an​ aerobics class with you. Don't forget: the​ people around you can be a​ great weight loss motivation. Use them to​ your advantage. You may opt to​ go to​ Burger King at​ lunch time,​ but chances are if​ you have a​ health-conscious co-worker to​ take walks with,​ he or​ she will motivate (or guilt) you to​ exercise and eat an​ apple instead.

No one ever said that losing weight was easy. But if​ you ask yourself what your weight loss motivation is,​ figure out what your driving force is,​ and use some simple motivating strategies,​ you can achieve what you desire. There is​ always a​ way if​ you have the​ will.

Weight Loss Motivation Key To Shedding Pounds

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