Weight Loss Motivation How To Find It And Keep It

Weight Loss Motivation How To Find It And Keep It

Everyone who has ever tried to​ lose weight knows that the​ really big issue is​ motivation - where do we​ find it,​ how do we​ keep it​ going,​ and what do we​ do when it​ slips!

To be successful at​ losing weight you must find your own motivation. More importantly,​ you must keep motivated,​ even when times get tough! Read through the​ tips and tricks and other resources below to​ help you find and maintain your motivation.

* Set your goals and work out a​ realistic timescale for achieving them. Commit to​ them 100%.

* Put it​ in​ writing! Scribble down in​ as​ much detail as​ possible why you need to​ lose weight,​ how much you are going to​ lose,​ when and how. the​ more you commit to​ paper the​ better. Carry a​ notebook around with you and use it​ to​ record thoughts and ideas,​ recipes,​ quotes - whatever will inspire you and keep you going.

* Tell a​ friend or​ member of​ the​ family and ask them to​ help you stick with your plan.

* Remember that you are losing weight and improving your health "one day at​ a​ time". You can stick at​ anything for one day!

* Don't dwell on​ the​ junk that you are taking out of​ your diet. Instead,​ celebrate the​ healthy foods that you are putting in.

* Make bullet points of​ your main motivational issues and write them on​ a​ stack of​ cards. Display the​ cards where you will see them regularly - on​ your bathroom mirror,​ in​ your purse,​ in​ your car.

* Create a​ "mantra" to​ repeat to​ yourself when times get hard. For example,​ "Every day I am improving my health,​ my looks and my well-being. I am getting stronger in​ every way."

* Consider asking for sponsorship from friends and family for a​ good cause. Perhaps you can raise money for starving children while you get your own eating under control?

* Start a​ file or​ scrapbook of​ articles,​ recipes and any other interesting titbits you read.

* Start another file of​ fashion and wardrobe ideas. Plan what you will need to​ buy when you shrink a​ size or​ two!

* Buy a​ piggybank and fill it​ up with a​ particular sum for every pound you lose. You can use it​ towards your new outfits!

* Find someone to​ share the​ experience with,​ and laugh your way through the​ tough times.

* Learn from other successful slimmers. Read other people's stories,​ join a​ club,​ find a​ chat room,​ or​ start your own email group.

* Motivate yourself with our collection of​ weight loss quotes,​ available free to​ subscribers to​ the​ weekly Losing it​ My Way ezine.

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