Weight Loss It Maybe More Healthy Than You Think

So you want to​ lose weight because you hate that you look fat and can walk up a​ flight of​ stairs without breaking into a​ major sweat and losing your breath for 5 minutes. You think that weight loss is​ the​ ticket to​ reenergizing your long lost love life. But let me tell you about a​ few other things that might persuade you to​ lose that 24 pack for a​ reason other than vanity.

Let's start by listing all of​ the​ other diseases that can be associated to​ obesity. Heart disease is​ probably the​ major one and shares associations with many of​ the​ others in​ the​ list. These include hypertension,​ diabetes,​ atherosclerosis,​ congestive heart failure,​ and sleep apnea. Other things not necessarily related to​ heart are colon cancer,​ fatty liver,​ gynecomastia,​ irregular menstruation,​ breast cancer,​ uterine cancer,​ depression,​ joint pain and destruction,​ and heart burn. With each of​ these diseases carries with them a​ host of​ other complications,​ many of​ them that are life threatening or​ seriously debilitating conditions This is​ all not to​ mention the​ social stigmatism that hinders life in​ all arenas including personal life and career.

The great thing about weight is​ that it​ is​ not a​ permanent disability that has to​ be accepted. On the​ contrary it​ is​ very within the​ realm of​ possibility to​ lose weight and maintain a​ healthy weight. Weight is​ not the​ only thing that goes either. With weight loss goes the​ increased risk of​ developing diabetes,​ high blood pressure,​ dyslipidemia,​ increased risk of​ cancer,​ depression,​ sleep apnea,​ and on​ and on. You also gain stamina,​ productivity,​ self-esteem,​ confidence,​ respect,​ and on​ and on.

So the​ question is​ why wouldn't you go out this minute and get your hands on​ the​ latest and greatest weight loss information that money has to​ buy. or​ I have an​ even better way--that is​ to​ go to​ your family physician (who has the​ best information that money can by at​ his/her beckon call) and have him come up with a​ comprehensive to​ help you safely and effectively lose the​ weight in​ a​ very controlled environment with the​ best support money can buy. And the​ best part is​ that it​ is​ not your money that is​ doing the​ buying,​ its your insurance company's bank roll. They are glad to​ do it​ too and this should tell you that this is​ important. You see insurance companies know that it​ is​ in​ their best interest for you to​ lose weight and to​ keep it​ off--because it​ keeps you healthier and out of​ the​ doctor's office and the​ hospital.

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