Weight Loss Dottis Way

Weight Loss Dottis Way

If you are struggling to​ lose weight and have tried just about every diet plan and exercise regime on​ the​ planet but just keep failing perhaps you should talk to​ Dotti. No,​ Dotti isn't the​ latest weight loss program or​ newest gym chain to​ open. Dotti is​ a​ lady from St. Louis,​ Missouri who chronicled her struggles - and success - at​ losing weight online. You could say Botti had one of​ the​ very first blogs on​ the​ Internet,​ as​ she started writing about her journey to​ lose weight in​ 1998.

Since then she has helped countless thousands of​ others with weight loss. Through recipes,​ exercise advice and just personally sharing her story with thousands of​ others she has motivated people,​ like Dottie herself,​ felt that they just could not shed those extra pounds no matter how hard they tried.

Dotti made the​ Weight Watchers Winning Points meal system a​ central point of​ her entire weight loss regime that helped her dramatically change her life. From the​ beginning,​ Dotti focused on​ simple weight loss techniques combined with the​ Points system to​ drop the​ weight and keep it​ off. in​ her online journals and various books she has published online about her journey she explains to​ the​ reader some of​ her struggles with weight loss and helps the​ reader relate to​ some of​ their own challenges they are having with weight issues.

What makes Dotti's weight loss story and website stand above the​ thousands of​ other sites out there about weight loss is​ that she doesn't try to​ push you into buying a​ specialized program or​ give you unrealistic goals. She explains the​ simple truth about weight loss and guides the​ reader down how she did it. There are no quick-fix weight loss plans at​ Dotti's,​ just simple advice that can help you change your life and become the​ person you always wanted to​ be.

Weight Loss Dottis Way

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