Weight Loss Discussion To Be Or Not To Be Fat

Weight Loss Discussion To Be Or Not To Be Fat

Show me a​ female who can sincerely admit that she is​ happy with her appearance in​ every way. Someone,​ who wouldn’t change a​ thing about herself/himself even if​ it​ was as​ easy as​ just wishing it. Unless that person is​ a​ bold one living-on-some-mountain monk,​ I don’t think that that kind of​ person exists.

Our physical shape is​ dictated to​ us as​ well as​ anything else is: dress according to​ the​ latest fashion,​ date the​ coolest guys (also make sure your parents like them),​ read the​ right books,​ eat the​ right food. What is​ the​ right food,​ I wonder. Do you open your refrigerator and a​ carton of​ milk jumps out of​ it​ into your lap,​ screaming: “I am good for your heath! Drink me! …And quit staring at​ that chocolate cake!!!”.

No help from groceries? Need not worry,​ ‘cause precisely at​ this point,​ tones of​ real good articles and health books emerge to​ your assistance. Before you know it,​ your head is​ overloaded with useful advises of​ the​ greatest diets,​ best cosmetics and the​ safest birth control accessories – this is​ when you lose control instead of​ gaining it. Your head is​ spinning,​ ready to​ blow up any second,​ too much information (this would be a​ good time for me to​ advise you on​ a​ really-really good diet,​ Just kidding).

This is​ the​ point when you should stop. First thing first,​ take a​ deep breath. Have you ever considered that perhaps you need not a​ diet? (Shame on​ me,​ I know) But still,​ could there be any chance at​ all that all you need is​ the​ right nutrition? I’m sure you’ve all heard about dystrophy – an​ unpleasant disease that turns a​ beautiful body into a​ living (in the​ better cases) skeleton. Dystrophy,​ as​ other such mischief,​ often arises from the​ notion that if​ you are not a​ top-model-skinny-creature,​ girl,​ you are fat. Do yourselves a​ favor,​ before starving yourselves to​ death,​ throw away a​ couple of​ fashion magazines,​ I am sure you’ll feel better right away.

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