Weight Loss Discipline

Weight Loss Discipline

Why is​ it​ so hard to​ lose weight and keep it​ off? we​ have all heard that weight loss is​ just a​ matter of​ taking in​ less calories than we​ expend. That certainly sounds very logical,​ but is​ it​ really that simple?

For example,​ I had an​ intention of​ only eating fruits and vegetables for a​ day or​ two,​ to​ counteract the​ recent 'junk' food I had been enjoying. This was a​ solid plan that practically guaranteed a​ decrease in​ caloric intake. However,​ a​ solid plan doesn't always mean an​ easy execution.

I figured I would be relatively safe making a​ trip to​ the​ health food store. So my guard against high fat foods was down. When I got to​ the​ store,​ my sensibilities were assailed by a​ well meaning clerk hawking some freshly made corned beef and cabbage. I could hardly resist the​ temptation. And that wasn't the​ end of​ it. Once my armour was breached,​ the​ temptation of​ tasty,​ 'health oriented' cookie samples fought for my attention.

Once again,​ I capitulated. My normally strong will power seemed to​ crumble. And once weakened,​ it​ seemed reasonable to​ just continue. It's like that first drink for the​ recovering alcoholic.

I am by no means overweight,​ but once in​ a​ while my diet gets out of​ hand and the​ fat around my midsection gets a​ little more sizable than I am comfortable with. Usually,​ times like these are a​ great opportunity to​ get a​ little detoxification in,​ so I like to​ focus on​ fruits and vegetables for a​ day or​ two.

This has the​ dual effect of​ decreasing my caloric intake. I was also sticking with the​ simple plan mentioned above. So where did things go wrong? Did I not have enough discipline? Did I lack willpower,​ or​ was it​ something else?

In retrospect,​ the​ problem appears to​ be a​ lack of​ preparation. I failed to​ use the​ power of​ why. Let me explain. When the​ chips were down,​ I didn't seem to​ have enough reason to​ maintain discipline. Maybe you have had a​ similar experience? I rationalized with,​ "oh,​ a​ little won't hurt me". the​ truth is,​ once you start down that road,​ it​ can be hard to​ turn back.

What would the​ right preparation be in​ that case? What is​ this power of​ why that I am talking about? a​ great way to​ fortify will power with any strategy is​ to​ actually write out the​ reasons why sticking to​ your plan or​ achieving your goal is​ important. it​ is​ kind of​ like stockpiling ammunition. the​ weaponry,​ in​ this case,​ appears in​ the​ form of​ a​ list.

With a​ long list of​ reasons supporting the​ plan or​ the​ goal,​ I would have had a​ lot more reserves to​ draw on​ when my front line defenses were being stressed. When the​ well meaning clerk was pouncing,​ I should have had a​ ready list of​ whys to​ fall back on. as​ the​ clerk was just being nice and sounding really sensible,​ plus it​ was a​ free sample after all,​ my mind should have responded with my ready made list of​ why I should not vary from my plan.

That didn't happen because I never made such a​ list. Whatever you are trying to​ accomplish in​ life,​ there are bound to​ be obstacles and obstructions that just leap into your path to​ stop or​ block you. These are the​ times that you need your list. the​ list is​ your power. No list,​ no power.

When anyone sits down to​ plan something or​ set a​ goal,​ they need a​ list to​ support them during weak times. the​ longer the​ list,​ the​ better. Even if​ one has to​ carry the​ list along in​ one's pocket,​ it​ is​ worth it. a​ list of​ about 50 reasons,​ while hard to​ create,​ can pay off in​ a​ major way.

Imagine the​ clerk's surprise,​ had I pulled out my handy list and read it​ off for him. My armour would not have been pierced and the​ clerk would have had to​ move on​ to​ more ready prey or​ risk having the​ spear of​ temptation blunted! No list,​ no power.

So,​ how long is​ your list?

This article is​ for information purposes only. it​ is​ not meant to​ advise on​ diet or​ weight loss or​ on​ any health matters. if​ you have or​ think you have a​ health issue,​ including weight or​ diet issues,​ consult your primary care physician for proper diagnoses and treatment.

Weight Loss Discipline

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