Weight Loss Dillemma Depressed If You Do Depressed If You Don T

Weight Loss Dillemma Depressed If You Do Depressed If You Don T

There are many reasons why people become depressed,​ especially with all the​ pressures and demands of​ 21st century living. People get the​ blues when they get passed over for that promotion that they've been aiming for because management wanted someone younger and livelier. There's that beautiful girl you've always wanted to​ have a​ relationship with,​ who turns out to​ be more interested in​ your sister than you. Not every situation that can make a​ person sad or​ melancholic can also cause depression,​ turning a​ person into the​ emotional health equivalent of​ a​ 50-car pile-up on​ a​ busy highway.

However,​ there are a​ few things you'd never expect to​ actually be the​ cause of​ a​ person feeling depressed. One example of​ this would be weight loss pills,​ some of​ which have recently been found to​ cause people to​ become depressed. in​ a​ world where weight and appearance are major concerns,​ to​ the​ point that some people become obsessed with achieving the​ “perfect” weight,​ medication that helps attain becomes so materially valuable,​ and expensive in​ terms of​ real dollars and cents.

But what happens when that same drug causes a​ problem that,​ in​ theory,​ it​ is​ supposed to​ prevent? British and Danish researchers have managed to​ independently confirm that one particular diet pill,​ Acomplia,​ can cause depression. According to​ the​ study,​ there was a​ significant increase in​ the​ risk of​ various emotional disorders during use of​ the​ drug,​ with residual effects manifesting after regular use has been discontinued. the​ study found that the​ people who were given the​ actual drug during the​ testing period were 2.5 times more likely to​ develop some sort of​ emotional disorder than those who were given a​ placebo. Patients given Acomplia were also more likely to​ develop anxiety or​ emotional problems than those who were given a​ placebo.

Recently,​ US health authorities decided not to​ allow Acomplia to​ be marketed in​ the​ States because of​ the​ possible psychological effects it​ might have. This was reportedly decided before the​ findings conducted by Danish researchers were published in​ the​ Lancet Journal. Physicians of​ people who have already used the​ medication are advised to​ be on​ the​ lookout for any signs of​ these psychological effects,​ with suicidal thoughts and depressive behavior being given particular notice. There were other effects that,​ in​ theory,​ could be just as​ severe,​ but were less likely to​ manifest without long-term use.

According to​ the​ study,​ the​ drug did have appreciable effects on​ combating obesity. All those who were subjected to​ the​ study and given the​ actual medication lost weight over the​ one-year period. However,​ there was a​ remarkable 40% increased risk of​ developing emotional disorders,​ with the​ potential for more permanent psychological damage. This was on​ top of​ both the​ weight loss and positive cardiovascular effects that maintained use of​ the​ medication provided. However,​ most medical authorities concede that the​ positive effects may not effectively outweigh the​ negative potential of​ prolonged use of​ the​ drug.

For the​ time being,​ the​ study is​ shown to​ have cast doubt on​ the​ relative safety of​ people using the​ drug. Most authorities are still considering further study before making a​ final decision,​ prompting medical professionals to​ simply watch out for signs of​ a​ deeper problem forming. However,​ there is​ definite cause for a​ pull-out of​ the​ drug from several markets should further evidence show that Acomplia does more harm than good. Similar studies have been conducted for various other weight loss drugs,​ but they have not yielded any noticeable negative psychological effects.

There are,​ however,​ a​ number of​ safe and effective weight loss products available in​ the​ market. With proper consultation with a​ doctor or​ health care professional,​ a​ weight watcher can access these slimming products without having to​ worry about possible side effects.

Weight Loss Dillemma Depressed If You Do Depressed If You Don T

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