Weight Loss By Water Info

Weight Loss By Water Info

Water: Weight Loss By Drinking Water

It's calorie-free,​ inexpensive and easily obtained. Most people drink when they are thirsty,​ but usually not enough and certainly not when trying to​ lose weight.

Drinking fluids,​ particularly,​ water,​ during exercise reduces cardiovascular stress and improves performance. After a​ strenuous workout,​ you have to​ replace the​ fluids you have lost. Otherwise,​ you will suffer chronic dehydration. Drink water before,​ during and after exercising,​ and remember that water reduces body temperature thus making the​ whole exercise process safer. it​ can help you exercise longer and more efficiently and this alone would be enough to​ help you lose weight but water does more – much more.

The Liver

The function of​ your kidneys is​ to​ filter your blood (which is​ mostly water). And one of​ the​ functions of​ your liver is​ to​ metabolize fat. if​ you don't consume enough water,​ your kidneys can't function properly,​ so your liver starts to​ help perform kidney functions. So,​ if​ your liver is​ busy helping your ailing kidneys,​ you can't burn as​ much fat. Let me repeat that: No matter how much you exercise,​ if​ you don't drink enough water,​ your liver will not metabolize fat for you,​ because it​ is​ trying to​ help your kidneys.

Too Much Water?

Being hyper-hydrated (consuming too much water) is​ not in​ any way harmful ,​ and actually helps your body metabolize fat. the​ greatest ill effect of​ excess water consumption is​ that you will visit the​ washroom more often. Consider it​ a​ chance to​ fit in​ a​ little more exercise into your daily routine.
There have been a​ few cases of​ long distance runners who have died from drinking water to​ toxic levels,​ but this is​ extremely rare,​ and their situation is​ very unique,​ so it​ is​ nothing for a​ normal person to​ worry about.

Retaining Water

You may have a​ medical condition that causes you to​ retain water,​ probably because of​ excess salt (sodium) in​ your system. the​ solution is​ simple: drink more water. Your body retains water for the​ same reason it​ retains fat: your body thinks that it's hard to​ come by. if​ you teach your body that food is​ abundant,​ it​ will stop storing it. if​ you teach your body that water is​ abundant by drinking more of​ it,​ your body will stop storing it.

Other Benefits

The more water you drink the​ healthier your skin becomes,​ because it​ has to​ be moisturized from the​ inside and out it​ also contributes to​ joint lubrication,​ reducing the​ risk of​ injury in​ any activity Water is​ the​ best cure for constipation,​ and should be your first choice,​ even before increasing fiber or​ taking laxatives.
When you are active,​ you should drink even more water,​ especially on​ hot days,​ to​ replace what you lose in​ sweat. Do not wait until you're thirsty,​ because that is​ your body telling you that it​ is​ already under-hydrated. Try to​ keep yourself over-hydrated for best health.

Do Water Alternatives Work?

Juice will fill you up,​ and contains sugar which you should try to​ minimize in​ your diet. So,​ it's really not a​ substitute for simple,​ clear water. And even though coffee is​ made with mostly water,​ it​ does not count since it​ is​ a​ diuretic and actually strips water from your system. Colas are also full of​ that diuretic caffeine,​ besides their ultra-high sugar content,​ so soft drinks should be the​ first item to​ stop consuming if​ you're trying to​ lose weight. Replace those "alternatives" with a​ glass of​ water,​ and you'll feel better and start losing pounds and inches. more information..... myhealthidea.com & bodyskinhair.com

Who should drink water?

All of​ us of​ course,​ but pregnant women,​ nursing mothers,​ people wanting to​ lose weight and athletes should be especially careful to​ drink a​ sufficient amount. When it​ is​ hot or​ humid,​ upping water intake is​ also wise.

Water can be especially helpful for people with a​ history of​ kidney stones because it​ dissolves calcium in​ the​ urine,​ reducing the​ risk of​ stone formation. Among physicians,​ urologists are probably most likely to​ extol the​ virtues of​ water. And it​ has been documented that drinking water mostly before 6 P.M. can reduce the​ likelihood of​ nocturnal bathroom visits.

It is​ interesting to​ note also that water helps prevent urinary tract infections,​ both for men and for women. Dark-coloured urine often suggests you are not drinking enough water.

Here’s how to​ start drinking more water every day. Get into the​ habit by starting with a​ glass of​ water with every meal,​ preferably with a​ glass during your meal and then add a​ glass between meals. More information..... myhealthidea.com & bodyskinhair.com

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