Weight Loss Attitudes

Weight Loss Attitudes

Once you’ve achieved your desired weight,​ you return to​ your old eating habits and levels of​ activity,​ the​ weight will return. Plain and simple.

Quick-fix diets face this kind of​ problem. They don’t offer long-term changes which sometimes cause the​ downfall of​ the​ program.

Stay realistic

Avoid feeling dissatisfaction with what you have accomplished. Enjoy your life and be satisfied with the​ healthy weight you can achieve. Initially,​ weight loss is​ gradual compared to​ those who return to​ their previous weight.

Have self-discipline

People who watch their weight show flexibility in​ their self-control. Most of​ the​ time,​ they make healthy choices but does not avoid eating food.

Eat healthily

Learn proper choice,​ preparation and enjoyment of​ a​ balanced diet. Skill in​ cooking low-fat diet,​ understanding labels of​ food and being able to​ judge portion sizes food labels and having the​ ability to​ judge portion sizes contribute to​ a​ balanced diet.

Eating regular meals,​ tasting them and planning ahead is​ also a​ part of​ this.

How to​ eat like a​ successful slimmer

• Maintain a​ balanced,​ lower fat diet in​ addition to​ fruits and vegetables.
• Don't stay away from any foods,​ eat portion sizes and minimize the​ amount of​ certain foods.
• Eat three regular meals a​ day at​ regular times (starting with breakfast),​ and lesser snacks.
• Dine out occasionally,​ but lessen fast food.
• Sit down to​ eat your meals,​ enjoy them and pay attention to​ what you're eating.

Stay active

Getting regular exercise is​ one of​ the​ factors that determine long-term success. it​ does not only burn unwanted calories and increase metabolism but also increases self-esteem and fights stress.

According to​ research,​ walking alone for 30 minutes daily plus some additional activities during the​ week can be enough.

Have ongoing support

The right kind of​ support during and after weight loss is​ vital. it​ is​ not an​ easy task and maintaining them is​ not easy as​ well.

Self-monitoring,​ being conscious and taking down notes is​ a​ way of​ supporting yourself.

Learn to​ deal with stress

Food is​ a​ quick and effective method of​ handling stress for some people. Evaluate the​ stresses in​ your life and your response to​ these stresses.

Discover new ways to​ handle your stress. Regular exercise,​ breathing techniques and removing negative self-talk that fuels anxiety.

Be like a​ successful slimmer

• Regularly inspect your weight (once or​ twice a​ week) or​ use another indicator.
• Avoid guilt-feeling when you overeat or​ about certain foods.
• Handle stress and solve problems. Ask for assistance and support from your family,​ friends,​ a​ club,​ website or​ health professionals.

Weight Loss Attitudes

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