Weight Loss And The Proper Nutrition

Weight Loss And The Proper Nutrition

Approaching the​ matter of​ nutrition and weight loss,​ we​ have to​ emphasize the​ two basic issues that nutrition itself is​ a​ culture of​ eating proper food in​ a​ proper manner. Let’s start with the​ first,​ proper food.

All cells and tissues in​ our body are formed by the​ food we​ eat. And also food is​ the​ energy source for our body functions. So,​ this can explain why proper food is​ so important.

Food is​ one of​ our strongest motivators. And unfortunately,​ most of​ us consider food to​ be a​ source of​ pleasure only!

Our bodies are not fixed statues – they are always in​ process,​ which we​ call metabolism.

Perception,​ memory and all the​ intricate complexities of​ bodily functions are possible because of​ having or​ producing enzymes,​ hormones and a​ thousand other wonders – that are produced in​ the​ body from what we​ eat.

As a​ source of​ energy our body uses carbohydrates (sweets),​ fat and protein. to​ be more specific,​ carbohydrates are the​ source of​ immediate energy,​ proteins are the​ body building blocks,​ and fats are the​ high-energy storage. But these roles sometimes overlap.

And faulty nutrition is​ the​ usual cause of​ illness!

At the​ same time,​ with correct choices we​ can prevent many food-related diseases such as​ heart attack (!),​ stroke,​ essential hypertension,​ diabetes and – even cancer!

More than a​ century ago,​ Ellen G. White,​ in​ "Counsels on​ Diet and Foods",​ shared her observation: "At mealtime cast off care and anxious thought. Do not feel hurried,​ but eat slowly and with cheerfulness,​ with your heart filled with gratitude to​ God for all His blessings". Isn’t it​ wonderful?

Just let me share with you part of​ our experience with nutrition and weight loss. if​ you haven't had any previous experience of​ following the​ simple principles I suggested when discussing how to​ reduce the​ amount of​ daily food,​ you might find them difficult to​ follow,​ but this is​ just on​ the​ face of​ it.

In reality it​ is​ much easier than it​ seems! And I promise,​ I’ll teach you how to​ master it. Because this issue of​ how to​ practice eating habits is​ essentially an​ important one!

The same food or​ eating process itself can bring you joy and fullness of​ life,​ or,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ if​ taken wrongly,​ can cause considerable damage to​ your health and even shorten your life!

How does overeating or​ eating the​ wrong food cause harm? the​ answer is: whatever food that our organism is​ not able to​ digest normally,​ becomes poisonous to​ us. Thus any poison will shorten our life!

This is​ the​ reason,​ why I suggest that my clients practice this: before starting to​ eat,​ gently close your eyes for a​ few moments,​ forget all your problems for a​ while and give yourself a​ smile! And then you can start eating.

Another recommendation is​ this: when eating,​ try to​ keep your eyes gently closed (or just turn your eyes away from the​ served food),​ while slowly chewing a​ small portion of​ food in​ your mouth.

Believe me,​ this process will bring you much more flavor,​ and benefits at​ the​ same time. Because just by doing this small thing you will lessen the​ portion of​ consumed meal by three to​ five times!!! (As I have already mentioned)

I would emphasize the​ importance of​ taking time to​ eat. When eating,​ if​ possible,​ make it​ a​ social occasion to​ communicate with your family or​ with your friends. But! (Always,​ there are some "buts"). if​ you decide to​ improve your eating habits,​ see if​ the​ company would be appropriate at​ this time,​ especially at​ the​ beginning. For this reason,​ it​ is​ better at​ first to​ have all the​ changes stabilized,​ so that you can resist any temptations...

But even when in​ difficult situations,​ we​ should never compromise basic principles of​ good nutrition. Always watch what you eat or​ drink!!! a​ well mannered person will know how to​ do this without compromising friendly relationships.

As we​ do this,​ we​ will have the​ added benefits of​ alertness,​ clear thinking,​ and a​ perception that is​ fully aware of​ life’s joyful events. But real joy comes from facing reality and patiently dealing with whatever life has to​ offer. if​ we​ take time to​ learn what is​ good for us and make a​ serious effort to​ put it​ into practice,​ we​ can expect to​ be rewarded with extra energy and a​ longer and happier life!

Let’s take a​ look at​ sweets. Which are conglomerates of​ simple sugars,​ most important of​ which is​ glucose. This simple sugar is​ the​ supplier of​ the​ most bodily energy. Penetrating into the​ blood stream it​ meets the​ constant need of​ all the​ cells. Due to​ insulin,​ glucose is​ able to​ pass through the​ cell membrane and become available for use.

At the​ same time,​ our bodies are capable of​ properly handling only a​ limited amount of​ simple sugars in​ a​ given period of​ time. When exceeded (if we​ eat too many sweets),​ the​ pancreas is​ forced to​ work overtime producing insulin for converting excess sugar into fat.

Small amounts of​ sugar will not do this,​ but we​ must remember that there is​ hidden sugar in​ most processed food and drinks. And this is​ the​ problem – we​ usually eat far more sweets than our pancreas can cope with!

Let’s see how we​ can avoid this problem. When we​ plan our diet we​ should give preference to​ the​ natural source of​ sweets,​ like fruits,​ then wheat,​ rice,​ potatoes,​ beans,​ and other starch-containing foods. Because these vegetable foods require quite a​ long period of​ time for to​ be digested,​ and simple sugar is​ released gradually. This allows our body to​ process this energy in​ an​ orderly fashion.

Latest scientific researches have revealed that: consuming excessive sugar (too many sweets) can lead to​ such problems as:

* Constipation.
* Causing dental caries by providing an​ ideal culture medium in​ the​ mouth,​ and by slowing down the​ internal fluid circulation in​ the​ teeth.
* Depression of​ the​ immune system,​ by interfering with the​ germ-killing capacity of​ white blood cells.
* Promotion of​ adult-onset diabetes.

Now we​ come to​ the​ practical application of​ the​ above for the​ weight loss. With the​ exception of​ some fruits the​ ideal diet will include only a​ minimal amount of​ sugar,​ and provide an​ abundance of​ complex carbohydrates such as​ those found in​ vegetables and whole-grain pasta.

Weight Loss And The Proper Nutrition

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